It Is Friday, I Am In Japan, Which Means It's Famitsu Time - #8

Go Gaming Giant once again takes a look at the latest issue of Famitsu and tells you what is going on in it.

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gameseveryday3601d ago

hell yeah! again this is my all time favorite article of the week!

astrobrights3601d ago

I wish we had Famitsu here in the states...

gooneygugu3601d ago

I'm curious if Uncharted 2 will garner some respectable sales stats after it's great Famitsu score, It'd be nice to see a western game burning up the Japanese sales charts.

Go Gaming Giant3601d ago

ye that'll be interesting to see

gameseveryday3601d ago

well UC2 is gng to sell like hot cakes.

tdrules3601d ago

*looks at calendar*

LittleBigSackBoy3601d ago

lol yeah, i'm glad it's not last friday. that would mean i'd still have a whole week to wait for U2.

Kamikaze83601d ago

he had to publish it late since the internet he has in japan isnt very reliable.

bekum_aka_jarhed3601d ago

umm lmfao fail ! its not friday !

Kamikaze83601d ago

if you read the article, it states why it was posted late.

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