Top 5 worst endings in Video Games

Gb writes: "Endings play a very important role in every video game. If the ending is good than gamers like me remember it for a really long time. But if the ending is horrible than even if the game is good, most of the gamers will mark the game as bad, although that cant be the case every time. We present you five such instances where overall quality of the game was very good but we were surprised at how horrible the endings were."

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Assassin Nawabi3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

gears 1 was by far the worst for me

gameseveryday3595d ago

gears 1, well i dont think so!

GWAVE3595d ago

How is Fable II not on that list? I think that everyone who beat Fable II can universally agree that the ending was 100% crap.

stevenhiggster3595d ago

This list fails, one massive ommission - Jericho, that is the worst ending in a video game EVER!

Obelisk923595d ago

I didn't even realized it was and ending.

POP ending was not so bad though.

karan86243595d ago

I couldnt agree more with Fallout 3 and Assasins Creed. AC just ends all of a sudden, and Fallout 3... after all that crap you just DIE?!?!? Thats bull, especially because it doesnt let you continue. I would be more than happy letting the lions girl die so I could keep playing the game but it ends either way

karan86243595d ago

I got to put this up there:

The ending to Knights of the Old Republic 2. You know the bad person all along and they expect you to be shocked when it turns out she is evil. Then after all the crap you go through to try and kill her, she stops fighting and you half a god-damn half hour long conversation at the end about Revan for some stupid reason. The ending to that game made me want to throw my controller at the wall.

Cenobia3595d ago


I thought LBP's ending was pretty good for the type of game it was. What did they expect? To have Sackboy hang The Collector and spill his entrails? Maybe they'd have strung him up and beat him like a pinata until candy fell out?

It ended the story and said 'Go and share your levels'. Seemed good to me.

Also I liked PoP's ending. It was way better than the alternative, which was the two main characters holding hands as they skipped off into the sunset. Unexpected is always better than trite.

Hellsvacancy3595d ago

Hitman Blood Money - untill i found out that u could get up and kill EVERY1 in the room

NoBias3595d ago

My most dissapointing ending was BioShock -- Hear me out though!

I loved the game and everything about it. It also had one of the best twists I've seen in a game. But the last cut scene lasted like 15 seconds for both endings. I was expecting some good story telling in the end and well, I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who hasn't played it but for those who have, do you see what I mean?

Or am I the only one... :(

Xbox Avatars Shoe3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

I would have to say Halo 3 and Gears 2's ending were pretty bad. One of the things that made Halo 3's ending particularly bad, was that the final boss was a race track and in the end cutscene all the humans' heads were blocky and shaped like an octagon. I mean seriously, it's a cutscene and the final one at that, so jazz it up.

Don't try to say I'm exaggerating about Halo 3's blocky heads! Here's the irrefutable proof:

TheDeadMetalhead3594d ago

Half-Life 2 and The Conduit both had pretty awful endings.

starvinbull3594d ago

Fallout 3 was a massive letdown upon completion.

It actually doesn't matter what you do in the game there is 1 ending. If you do objective X or Y it simply stamps a still image of said objective over the credits.

Hardly matches the original's multiple objectives, multiple endings set up.

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gameseveryday3595d ago

fallout 3 deserves to be on the list!

Perjoss3595d ago

amazed resident evil 5 is not on the list, I know it breaks the RE mold and is not all that scary but I LOVE the game right up until...

*minor spoiler*

teh zombies start shooting at you :(
but the ending just tops it off, videogame pantomime at its best (or worst depending on how you look at it)

longballburrell3595d ago

I agree with pretty much all of these. I'm hoping Assassin's Creed II will make up for the first ending.

gameseveryday3595d ago

agreed its the worst ever!

GameOn3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Halo 2 and Rainbow 6: Vegas for me.

Obelisk923595d ago

Agreed, Halo 2 is my favourite in the Halo series but the ending was really disappointing.

RockmanII73595d ago

I think he is referring to this generation. But yea the Halo 2 ending was bad.

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Assassin Nawabi3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

mgs 2's wasn't good either :)

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