Gamezebo Review - Romance of Rome

Gamezebo writes: "As you play the hidden object game Romance of Rome, many thoughts will go through your head. Thoughts like "This hand-drawn art is exceptionally lovely," and "How wonderful that the items are era-appropriate," or "Hey, neat, I get to have a dog!" But the one thought that is more likely to run through your mind far more often than any other is undoubtedly, "Holy crap, this game is hard!"

Romance of Rome is the spiritual successor to Cradle of Rome, but shares little with that puzzle game beyond its general setting and your advancement from lowly peasant to wealthy Roman citizen. You begin Romance of Rome by saving a lovely girl from a wolf attack, then upon learning that she is the Emperor's daughter, set out to earn enough status to win her hand. And by "earn," what I really mean is "buy." You can have a noble heart and quick mind, but the Romans won't really take you seriously until you flash some major cash. This is where the object hunting comes in."

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