AppAdvice Preview: Orbital Worlds Takes A Risk With Tilt-Based Controls In Their Open-World Shooter Armoured Shift

AppAdvice writes: "With over 85,000 apps now available in the App Store, developers have to take calculated risks to get their apps noticed. Orbital Worlds, an independent game development studio, has decided to take a risk right out of the gate with their first ever iPhone and iPod touch game Armoured Shift by utilizing accelerometer controls in an open-world top-down shooter.

Open-world top-down shooters usually feature on-screen joysticks simply because they offer the ability to quickly and easily maneuver in times of need, and since open-world shooters lack boundaries (hence the name), this can be extremely important. Orbital Worlds' Abdul Hameed, however, believes that Armoured Shift has no need for joysticks because it features "fine-tuned" tilt-based controls."

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