AppAdvice Review - Solitaire: Deck of Cods

AppAdvice writes: "Solitaire: Deck of Cods, from Namco, at the most basic level is golf solitaire. The gameplay style is very similar to the online game Fairway Solitaire. In Golf Solitaire most cards are in the play area where only the top one is showing, and the remaining cards are in the deck. Your goal is to make runs of cards: 6,7,8,7,6, etc in any order, and suit is irrelevant.

The twist of Fairway solitaire or Deck of Cods is that the cards in the play area are set up in varying formations requiring more strategy. Rather than having to clear all of the cards, Deck of Cods provides goals for each level for example 10 inch fish or catch five fishes.

You run is the size of the fish, so when you have a run of 10 cards, that's a 10 inch fish. For a run to qualify as a fish it has to be at least 3 cards."

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