LucidLAN: Brutal Legend Gets a Heavy Metal Review

LucidLAN writes: "From the artistic genius of Tim Schafer, the mastermind behind such point and click classic adventures as Full throttle and Grim Fandango, comes an epic of mystical and majestic proportions, crafted with such perfection and surreal details that immediately transcends you into a new world beyond your wildest imaginations. If that last sentence left you a bit short on the breath side, you really have no clue what you will be feeling next as this game will totally rock the pedal down to the metal. Hell yeah!"

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GabetheHUT3598d ago

gabe thinks reviewing need to put down Forza 3 and try GT5
they Obviousely havn't played a real drivng Sim to give this game a 9

blackadder3597d ago

What does GT6 and Forza 3 have to do with Brutal Legend? I think you got the wrong post mate.