Wii Fit Muscles Past Grand Theft Auto

Wii Play America's Best-Selling Title Of The Decade...

Move over Halo and Grand Theft Auto because there may just be a new sales leader in town. It doesn't star a heroic, gun-wielding soldier and it doesn't allow you to run over prostitutes with your virtual car. In fact, by the average definition, it doesn't even qualify as a videogame. But according to data from the NPD Group, which monitors monthly and yearly North American software sales, Nintendo's exercise program, Wii Fit, is on the verge of becoming the second-best-selling 'videogame' in a decade.

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koehler833598d ago

GTAIV was the 'Most Successful Entertainment Product Launch' according to Guinness. Wii Fit launched almost 2 years ago in Japan and shouldn't qualify as an Entertainment Product. It's like comparing the Star Wars trilogy with 'Buns of Steel'.

mint royale3598d ago

Im sure wii fit entertains many people. Sure they may be women but so what. Are these people less valuable than you?

3598d ago
Dsnyder3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

There is a reason why no one takes the wii seriously. Its because of these wimpy ,unmanly games that dominate it's library. Wii isnt a game console. It's an overpriced fisherprice toy mixed with a bad weight loss commercial.

Wii is going to be the console that makes people rethink what it takes to win a console war. Sure wii sells like it's being endorsed by hypnotoad but 90% of its games are pure garbage and the hardware of the console suggests that no real work was put into it. In the meantime both sony and Micrsoft have stayed with the times by using the latest and greatest tech (and no motion controllers are nothing new.Lookup the mouse) and pumped out many new and innovative franchises to geep the spirit of gaming alive and well.

Szarky3598d ago

"It's an overpriced fisherprice toy mixed with a bad weight loss commercial."

That's probably the best description I've ever heard of a Wii.

DonCorneo3598d ago

according to the xbot's definition of greatest and game

natal will be just like this. it's just that it won't sell as much.

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