Scale of Gran Turismo 5 "Dizzying", says Yamauchi

Kazunori Yamauchi emphasizes the size and progress of his next big racing game.

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Syronicus3596d ago

I think it is safe to say that GT will be, is and has always been the definitive racing game. PERIOD.

3596d ago
UnSelf3596d ago

I think it is safe to say that GT will be, is and has always been the definitive racing game. EXCLAMATION POINT.


table3596d ago

I dunno, great things have been said about forza3. Just because GT was the king of the past it does not make it automatically the best racing sim today. GT5 has forza3 beat in graphics but it remains to be seen if the gameplay can match the high standards set by forza3.

beardpapa3596d ago

GT5 isn't dizzying, it's the hot babe that works at PD that made Kaz, the staff, and the journalists dizzy.

"While we were listening to the sensei’s dissertations, I noticed the presence of a woman. Quite attractive indeed. By turning my head a few degrees to see the rest of colleagues from the media, I could see that they also had “detected” the presence of the employee."

"She immediately saw that she was the center of attention and posed very nicely "

I want pictures now!

IzKyD13313596d ago

Turn 10 manager on Forza 3: Can it look better? Yes, totally and I agree it is not perfect.

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lh_swe3596d ago

I definetly want to be wowed by this game, not only by the graphics seeing as I have already experienced that in GT5 prologue to some extent but the pure scale of this seems off the chart.

gamesR4fun3596d ago

only possible on the ps3.

n ya forza is a glitchy pos they shoulda done another project gotham instead those guys were more than just talk

ambientFLIER3596d ago ? Is this how glitchy GT5 will be? Cars sliding around diagonally at 5mph if you touch something?

IRetrouk3595d ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A. it was in the pitt
B. he was accelerating
C. his car isnt goung through the road.

VonAlbrecht3596d ago

vs Brazen double-pistol trash-talking

a classic example of east vs west.

TheBand1t3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Naughty Dog just thanked Bungie, and they're Western developers. Try again.

Being an asshat isn't exclusive to one side of the globe.

The Wood3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

i agree with ya about some western devs but i think we ALL know what he means. Its definitely a cultural thing whether us westerners like it or not. The easterners show a lot more humility and bash a lot less. There's no argument there but occasionally western devs show behaviour more common among eastern devs and vice versa ie itagaki badmouthing others

'Being an asshat isn't exclusive to one side of the globe'......

its more more exclusive to some parts than others.

Rock Bottom3595d ago

And we all know about itagaki san.

MetalGearRising3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

So far Kazunori Yamauchi is just all talk he should give up talking out of his ass and actually give us GT5 so we can see how awful it looks against Forza 3.

Bereaver3596d ago

I think everyone is now aware that MGR isn't even trying to make GT5 look bad anymore. He's just in to make people talk against him.

Because what he's actually talking about is a man that delivers everything he said and will say.

On the the other side, you got companies working for MS. The trash talking, no showing side of the story.

Saaking3596d ago

How ironic bot. This is one of the first times I've heard Mr. Yamauchi saying anything about GT5 yet I read about turd 10 every single day spreading lies and being just plain delusional.

gamesR4fun3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

i know its not something your used to but this guy will deliver. Your used to empty promised and failed games but really gt5 is gonna b epic.

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