GamePro: Half-Minute Hero Review

GamePro writes: "Half-Minute Hero is actually multiple games in one, represented as different play modes. Hero mode is as close to a standard RPG experience as HMH offers, Evil Lord mode is an RTS game, Princess mode features shoot-em-up-style gameplay, and Knight mode puts the player in the position of a bodyguard of sorts who must protect a character known as the Sage from enemy attacks. Each mode utilizes a "half-minute" rule where certain tasks must be completed before a whopping thirty seconds go by. There are additional unlockable modes, but that's up to you guys to discover for yourself. This review would probably end up being ten pages long if I talked in-depth about all the modes, and though each is deserving of praise I'm going to focus mainly on the real star of the game, the Hero mode."

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rrquinta3602d ago

Been looking forward to this game for a while. I think I might pick it up today, although I'm wondering how much I will enjoy the other modes.