HD-Report Review: Playstation 3 Slim (Part I: Setup)

HD-Report: We recently decided to update our reference Blu-ray player to the new PlayStation 3 Slim (120 GB) model that came out over the late summer months. Ours arrived from and the box was almost tripped over in the hectic office we call home.

For starters, we'll cover the setup of the system from soup to nuts. Expect a shorter article than most because, basically, setup of the PS3 Slim is a complete breeze (even a caveman can do it). For those of us normally accustomed to new or updated technology being a complete hassle to get ready out-of-the-box, the PS3 Slim is a pleasant surprise. After readying space for the unit, and removing my truly awesome Samsung upscaling DVD player (you served your master well, little machine), I was ready to open the Amazon box and get started. The PS3 Slim is much smaller and less intense looking than its predecessor with a smaller footprint and lower profile.

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