Blaze PS3 Motion Freedom 3D Controller Unveiled

Blaze, a UK based accessory manufacturer, has unveiled a new 3D motion sensing controller for the PS3, known as the Blaze PS3 Motion Freedom 3D Controller, which will bring WiiMote styled control to PS3 gamers from a device that bears more than a passing similarity to Nintendo's own controllers.

Details at this juncture are pretty sparse, however, whilst the company's press release offers nothing by way of insight as to the PS3 Motion Freedom 3D Controller's release date or unit pricing it does, at lease, offer us a glimpse as to what we should expect from the device when it eventually sees the light of day.

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siarraweb3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

if it's supposed to function with the PS3..

do they (blaze) know something we don't? did sony managed to ditch the eye and make their motion sensor fully functional without the use of the playstation eye?

darthv723598d ago

copyright infringement.

ChozenWoan3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

This is a licensed third party controller that is basically a direct rip of the Wiimote. This is not the Sony developed one, so it will not need the PSEye to work. Although that leaves me wondering if this one can do true 1:1 motion tracking or if it is just a PS3 version of MotionPlus.

I do like the fact that it comes with a d-pad and an analog stick. That alone gives it one advantage over the current version of the PSSphere (wand) controller. That one element eliminates the need for using a DS3 in the left hand when using this motion controller, making its use in hardcore games such as RE5 easier to accept.

Raoh3598d ago

I beleive this is just a sixaxismote, basically what you can do with the ds3 controller