PS2's 10 Year Life Cycle Makes Sense Now – Here's Why

Even though the PS2 was released way back in 2000, it's still relevant in this generation of consoles. Read the 7 reasons to find out why.

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Relientk773601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

It has great games in all genres

and also plays PlayStation 1 games

treacherous_gamer3601d ago

lets wait and see whether the ps3 can topple the ps2

ico923600d ago

the console had and still has the greatest gaming library ever next to the snes its hard to see a console in the near future beating those consoles libraries soo much variety

NinjaGaidenSigma3599d ago

There have been a ton of awesome exclusives this year alone, and even though I want to play them all sadly I cant afford them all. Sucks to be a gamer on a budget. But I am sure PS3 is on the right track.

treacherous_gamer3601d ago

Hmmm... the fact that the PS2 is cheaper than the Wii slipped my attention

badz1493600d ago

great library of games, which in many cases cost less than half the price of newer games! the console itself is already at $99! 10 years? try 12!

ceedubya93600d ago

If people are still buying it, it wouldn't make any sense to pull the plug. They'd be throwing away money.

Sheikh Yerbouti3599d ago

Families on limited budgets buying PS2's. There are so many great games at rock bottom prices, your kids can have an awesome Christmas without spending an arm and a leg. Spend $150-$200 and be the greatest parents on Earth.

The_Zeitgeist3600d ago

My PS2 is busted. The power keeps going on and off. Anyone know how to help?

WenisWagon3600d ago

Its sad to see that Sony's last gen system is better than their current one.

indiagamer3600d ago

its sad to see dat der still few retards who don own a ps3 at 299$

TheTeam063599d ago

That's not sad, that's called impressive. A 10 year old console is neck in neck with the Xbox 360.... that's also impressive.

By the way, since you don't know your history, the PlayStation did better than the PlayStation 2 it's first few years. That's how it's always been.

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The story is too old to be commented.