What if the PlayStation 3 is Sony's Dreamcast?

Gameplayer has run a tongue-in-cheek hypothetical regarding the PlayStation 3 and how the industry would change if it went the way of the Dreamcast.

History would be repeating in a most bizarre and ironic way...

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btkadams4755d ago

hahaha... not gonna happen but a funny read.

INehalemEXI4755d ago

seriously why would they be developing home for ps3 if they were going to abandon ps3? When has Sony ever abandon a console ?

kewlkat0074755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

wanna Support their Console but DEVELOPERS are the ones that didn't give it Full support. You can't win much without blockbuster games.

Anyhow I had a blast with my DREAMCAST. I went into college with an N64 and my DREAMCAST.(1999) With the Playstation 2 already established in the states and the X-Box and Gamecube on the horizon it’s no wonder why a lot of Gamers ignored the Dreamcast. Even though the Dreamcast is labeled as a dead system it still has a ton of awesome games with price tags as low $19.99

Some of my TOP Games:
1.Soul Calibur
2.Guilty Gear
4.Marvel vs. Capcom 2
5.Jet Set Radio
6.Power Stone series
7.Resident Evil Code: Veronica
9.Street Fighter 3rd Strike
10.Dead or Alive 2
11.Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
12.Capcom Vs SNK(CAPCOM has love for all consoles)
14.Skies of Arcadia
15.NFL/NBA 2K series(Funk Madden)
16.Metropolis Street Racer(PGR today)
17.Phantasy Star Online(XBL live Who?, SEGA was there first)
18.Crazi Taxi

Well there are some more but I enjoyed these games. I think the Dreamcast's Hardware was better then the PS2 at the time. Well Sony had Exclusives, so what can you do. They had FF and MG and a lot of others. Ofcourse that is changing.

I don't see the PS3 dieing that way. unless it doesn't sell and Developers start to change their minds about Exclusives. Of course it is very expensive to develop on the PS3, and we know SONY does not have great tools and Support. Anyhow if the installment-base is not there the DEVELOPERS might change their tone. They need to "EAT" too...ya know

ErcsYou4755d ago

sega didnt go from leader to failure in a generation. the genesis was the bomb, segs cd sucked, th 32x sucked, the sega saturn was the best but no body bought them,the dreamcast was good but they dropped out of the US market before thr ps2 even took off... sony wont drop out unless it fails this one and the next. sega only makes games, sony has their finger in everything.

LoveHateTragedy4755d ago

But they're on the Microsoft side, not Sony side. If it wasn't for their cash flow, MS would have dropped out of the console war 5 years ago.

Husso4755d ago

why are morons allowed access to the internet?

gta_cb4755d ago

that was a pretty good come back.