Top 50 Free Browser Based Games: Part III

GB writes: "Ah, free games. There's something wonderful about that phrase isn't there? I love free games and I'm sure you do too. And no matter how many triple-A blockbuster titles come out, there is always a market niche for these little gems. Free games is a genre that encompasses all genres; there are puzzle games, racing games, shooting games, sports games, stickman games, fighting games."

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gameseveryday3602d ago

the doctors game was damn fun to play! Not for the weak hearted i must say!

Assassin Nawabi3602d ago

yeah that was awesome, the stitching part and the way that patient gets hurt was amazing, not for the weak hearted

longballburrell3602d ago

This is cool. Can't beat free games!

gameseveryday3602d ago

yeah i hope we have free games on psn and xbox live!

gameseveryday3602d ago

well i am amazed that u actually played the game, what other game did u played?

baldguy713602d ago

There is a free game coming to Xbox 360 - Free-Ride I think it's called - announced at E3 - your avatar races around hitting jumps and stuff - looks kinda fun

gameseveryday3602d ago

Free-Ride?? never heard abt the game. tell me more!

Dan GamingBolt3602d ago

Yeah and on the ps3 side, i think FreeRealms (MMO) will be free of charge on the is free on the pc, and its called FREE realms, so i guess it'll be free on the ps3..

Assassin Nawabi3602d ago

yeah i played majority of them, i guess Runescape was awesome, strange how u run along, plus the isometric view was cool

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