Fermi could run an OS

Tony Tamasi, Senior Vice President for Content and Technology at Nvidia and the man responsible for the strategic direction of the company's graphics processors has told Fudzilla that Fermi could run an OS.

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Kakkoii3602d ago

Yeah, you would need to do a good amount of reprogramming to make a whole OS run on it. As you have to create all new ways of managing the data around the motherboard and the software framework. Plus you would need to rewrite a new core for booting with a GPU instead of the CPU. That might be a bit of a complicated issue. But you could definitely accelerate many parts of an OS on Fermi.

But applications will be a breeze now. Most applications should be able to run on Fermi with some batch find and replace work on the code to replace some of the functions and calls, and some minor rerouting/optimization work. Overall stuff that could be mostly done in a day depending on the complexity of your application..