Neocrisis: Calling Sony Out

Neocrisis: There is no question that Sony has outperformed both of it's competitors this year. With great titles like Uncharted 2, Infamous, Killzone 2, and Demon's Souls and with pending releases like Ratchet and Clank, and the God Of War collection coming next month Sony has shown the ability to release great exclusives one after the other. There is no disputing the fact that Sony has won '09. At least from a software standpoint.

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TheFreak3596d ago

Yes indeed PS3 is the future we are really seeing this now. Why local mp/coop? That is the way we played games in the 90`s.......

jazzking20013596d ago

but its still fun to play with a friend rite next to ya

Elvfam5113596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

no local coop and i don't know what people see a clone of gears of war in Uncharted

kapedkrusader3596d ago

...can think of any others.

WildArmed3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

lbp, r2,r:fom,Wipeout, re5 (unless we are talking about exclusives)

But I dont really care for offline co-op. a 60' HDTV isnt big enough for the both of us >.<

plus most of my friends have a ps3 so I just play with them online.
No harm no foul

jazzking20013596d ago

a 60 inch tv lol
how many of those do people have
i have no issue using a split screw with a friend next to me on a average size tv

SupaPlaya3596d ago

but I agree you lose the impact of the big screen once you go split screen.

But having that option never hurt though. I don't know if it's enough to 'call Sony out'.

Who knows, Uncharted 3 might have it.

JBaby3433596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Warhawk, SSHD, and FlOw also have local coop but those are unique and not exactly story driven though are still fun with a buddy. LOL at the 60" TV comment. Nice. I always hated splitting my TV with someone so I actually prefer online coop.

GWAVE3596d ago

Why call Sony out? Call out the games industry in general. The 360 suffers from a lack of co-op just as much as the PS3 does. Arguably, the only co-op focused console is the's a shame that the games are usually boring to play.

Monkey5213596d ago

That's why I play on my 10ft x 5.7ft screen using a 720p HD Projector

MariSeaNerHawk3596d ago

this is a small complaint, and not really one of sonys business, its on developers to add these things to games. Sure sony can suggest it but they shouldnt have to nor need to. i very rarely find myself wishing for split screen coop, especially when i can do it online, keep my whole screen and still have just as much fun...

Anon19743596d ago

I think both the 360 and PS3 have a lack of offline multiplayer this past year. My wife likes playing games too, but she doesn't like playing single player games. It's nice when games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 comes out, or Gears or RE:5 which we can play together.

Still, I miss the old, co-op dungeon crawls like Baldur's Gate or Champions of Norrath.

For that matter, what the hell has Snowblind studios been working on?

StanLee3596d ago

I'll admit more games need local co-op but this shouldn't be a complaint leveled against Sony. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift corrected one of the biggest complaints of the first game and added 4 player splitscreen. Pure is one game I thought suffered horridily from not having at least 2 player splitscreen.

nanometric3596d ago

What is this, a pi$$ing contest???

cyberwaffles3596d ago

warhawk has split screen and honestly its the only reason why i have the game now. the demo was addicting as hell, but once you buy the game, you realize the best thing about it is it's split screen mode.

i really hope starhawk/warhawk 2 has a lot more variety in the next game.

kwicksandz3596d ago

local co op/splitscreen should be a standard feature imo. Playing with your buddy next to you is way more fun than internet strangers.

And its a good way to get around the fact no one talks on PSN =)

TheFreak3595d ago

You can play with your friends online too, not just with strangers you know.

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kenjix3596d ago

This is classic. I'll be playing Uncharted and then read these comments later :)

cyborg69713596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I'll need to see a reference to the statement that co-op games sell better. Just because u call it a fact doesn't mean it's true. And please no vg chart sales I need a real source. Co-op is fun but not needed for great games. This is an opinion piece and that's it.

I'm married with 2 kids both under the age 4 so to have a buddy over at night when I game is out of the question. And I'm sure that a majority of ps3 owners are in the same boat I am cause older folks know not to keep buying consoles that fail repeatedly.

jazzking20013596d ago

for me playing with a friend rite next to me is as more fun to the game

DrRobotnik3596d ago

I would rather have online co-op than off-line. But to have the option would be nice. And to have online co-op during an actual campaign, not side quest.

divideby03596d ago

My wallet tells me just how much my PS3 is ruling the house over our 360 and Wii......I havent purchased a 360 or Wii game in so long, I forget the last ones I bought were. On the flip side, make more room for the shelf holding the PS3 games

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