Gran Turismo Producer Discusses GT5, US Car Industry

When he isn't busy winning auto races over in Germany, Polyphony Studio head Kazunori Yamauchi spends his days polishing up Gran Turismo 5, his team's latest auto-sim magnum opus.

"Naturally, my attention is focused purely on Gran Turismo 5 right now," he told Famitsu magazine in an interview published this week. "The scale of this title is just dizzying, so daily progress is slow, but it's still going forward at a steady clip. All the basic stuff is complete, but we're trying to give everything that little bit extra at present. We could release it any time we want, really, but I want to have that classic GT-style 'did we really have to go this far?' feel going. I want to go way beyond gamer expectations."

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Wallonsi3599d ago

"I want to go way beyond gamer expectations", thats why i love them :)

cRaZyLeGs 933599d ago

By the sounds of this, it will never release.

Wallonsi3599d ago

They already said it would release in March...

randomwiz3599d ago

You mean when the article says:
"Gran Turismo 5 is due out sometime next spring worldwide. "

Ninjamonkey3599d ago

This is why i like GT5 s much, the guy directing it is actually a pretty good racing driver.

Thats why GT games generally focus on the driving more than painting your car nice.

In this game you dont race, you drive. Its all about the car, its unique charatceristinc, and mastering them for the best lap possible.

cRaZyLeGs 933599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Thats the point of every racing game. You're basically saying in this fps, you don't kill people, you shoot them.

Ninjamonkey3599d ago

If your going to try and disagree with something ive said then at least make sure you undertstand it properly...

What i said is NOTHING like the example youve given and Im wondering if its worth even explaining it but here goes...

GT5 is not just a racing game like need for speed. In that game you dont care about the car, only how fast it goes. You play to RACE, to win. Nothing else.

In this game though you dont just play the game to race and win. You play the game to experience how each car feels, how it goes round corners, the people making the game are so passionate about cars they might as well be italian.

In GT5 you do not simply just race for the wn. You drive, to experience driving that unique car.

Its one of those series where you can just forget about winning, Ive just played the game, and forgotten about the other cars Im racing just becuase I wanted to see how the car drive, wat its limits were ect.

I cant put it any simpler tbh, i just cant.

If anyone else wants to try and explain what i meant better go ahead. XD

Apocalypse Shadow3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

you explained it just like anyone else that truly understands the GT series.i've explained it before in past threads.

it's about each unique car and how it handles on different terrain.not necessarily about winning.once you understand the car,the winning comes natural.kaz knows as he is winning REAL RACES.

don't worry about least....**YOU**.....**GET IT**

and you are right below..nothing beats the look of a was ahead of it's time on the way it looks.i've loved the lam since childhood.great taste.

cmrbe3599d ago

You can try all you want but some people will never understand that GT is not just a game.

How you describe it is just how GT fans see GT. Winning races has always been secondary in GT while other racing games is all about speed and power to win races.

GT is all about the cars which is why even car enthiusaist that generally don't game love GT and why GT is a household name not just in gaming but the auto industry.

When GT came out it managed to recreate realistic driving experience of cars the general masses could only dream of driving in real life. This is why GT has always been refered to as "The real driving simulator".

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mint royale3599d ago

with sucking up to the American car industry. Although I do agree that American cars are built towards style than practicality or performance. Thats why they look good but get embarassed by European cars on the track. I wonder when American's will find out what a corner is.

kwyjibo3599d ago

American cars are embarrassing. Full stop.

Compare the styling of whatever the latest pickup, SUV or whatever ridiculously long boat they've come up with - against that of the Europeans. They have nothing.

Ninjamonkey3599d ago

I loved watching the topgear episode with the corvette whew they drove over a pebble and hammond could actually feel ther car bump over it.

American cars definately arnt as good int the corners as European cars such as some Ferraris, Porsches and Lotuses.

But I love how everything has to have ahuge engine and have a million horsepower. And the cars are getting better at corners.

But an american car will never replace how much I love lamborghinis. They're 100% pure awesome.

mint royale3599d ago

Haha I also remember when Clarkson reviewed a Ford pick up truck which was the best selling car in America. His opening line was 'the worst car I have driven in my 30 years in motoring was a 40 year old Zimbabwean jeep on a Safari. Now the key word in that sentence is 'was''.


SoapShoes3599d ago

Is that why the ZR1 and Viper ACR have records on the Nring. Beating out Ferraris, Porches, GTRs, etc...? Is that why the Cobalt SS was declared fastest production FWD vehicle on the Nring?

Are you living in the 70s? Your stereotypes are horribly outdated, but I'm glad someone who actually knows about cars is creating GT.

mint royale3599d ago

Your right in the fact that some highend American cars have improved since their makers heard of a continent called Europe and started to test cars there. However in engineering the US is still a LONG way behind.

Is there an American car that could keep up with a Nissan GTR for example round a track if it had the same sized engine? NO.

Chevy's 7 litre supercar that was brought to the UK produced just 500hp. Mitsubishi got 400hp out of a mere 2 litre engine on their evo. High end American cars are improving but they are on a technical side like NASCAR in comparison to Europe's superior F1.

SoapShoes3599d ago

You know I love both American and European cars, but you're just pulling at straws. "bu bu but teh engine is bigger", well you just completely overlooked the great engineering that goes into these cars. I mean leaf springs are used in a Corvette, but it still corners better than most so-called "high tech" suspension systems developed.

What's your excuse for the Cobalt then? It has a small 2.something liter engine.

But there's no reasoning with stuck up people like you. Go on believing that American cars have no tech in them, go on making excuses for why American cars are getting better lap times. Like I said, glad someone with real knowledge is building GT not someone who looks at specs on paper.

mint royale3599d ago

You don't seem to understand that I actually like American cars I was just pointing out that technically they ARE behind European cars. Want me to list what I like about American cars? I like their design, I like their power and I like their relative cheapness (even if this is achieved by suspect build quality).

Trust me mate there are a lot of people with a worse opinion on American cars than me.

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sikbeta3599d ago

The man knows what he's talking about

sikbeta3599d ago

To the disagree fairy, Please can you explain with a logic comment why you disagree, because I assume you're not disagreeing with me for the sake of your fanboysm

WIIIS13599d ago

Basically, doing all he can to match Forza 3. That's an admirable goal, even if somewhat idealistic.

3599d ago
OmarJA3599d ago

Please go cry over there.

sikbeta3599d ago

You really make my day with that joke, cuz you're no serious.... Oh you say it for REAL ......
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... my god these guys are so funny sometimes

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