Two years of Dragon Age DLC planned; expansion packs considered

BioWare is planning DLC for Dragon Age Origins to stretch out over the next two years. Executive producer Mark Darrah, who said the DLC will include small things like "item packs," as well as "larger quests that might last an hour or two, up to even fully fledged expansion packs."

Darrah expects that the DLC will make it onto all platforms, except for the mods toolset, which will likely be PC-only. Joystiq will maintain cautious optimism about Dragon Age DLC until BioWare brings the goods to market. The developer is lucky that Mass Effect took place in space, because the lack of DLC (support and testing) certainly made them want to scream.

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Julie3595d ago

I don't know why i don't like DLC , and i can't wait for this game because i love Baldurs Gate II , is one of my favorite games of all time but this DLC news left me a bit like "meh"...

I remember the nice addons like Bloodmoon and Tribunal for Morrowind , those are real expansions for me , not a potion pack or a 30 minute adventure...well is hard to explain :I

ChozenWoan3595d ago

Knowing this, I'll just wait 1-2yrs for the re-release of the game, the one that will include all the expansion packs. Kinda like the Oblivion: GOTY edition. Besides, I miss the good old days when games came complete and costed only $50.

chak_3595d ago

give us real adventure, not armor & spell for 15€ !

DonCorneo3595d ago

man, this game looks outdated.

plus there diablo 3 next year.