Loot Ninja Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Loot Ninja writes:

"Have any of you ever ventured into Bizarro World? Anyone who knows what I am referring to is a fan of the comics. Whether it be DC or Marvel, comics hold a special place for a lot of people because it is an escape from the reality you're in to a place where you can be whoever you want. Apparently, comics are the in-thing now, hence the Bizarro World reference. Major blockbusters flanked by just as many games make it a comic fanboy's wet dream. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is a sequel to one of the best comic button mashers I have ever played. Now, with an updated roster, game play mechanics, graphics, and great backstory, MUA2 promises to deliver a great view into the Marvel Civil War. Pick a side, things are going to get real."

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drunkpandas3600d ago

They fixed a lot of issues from the first game, but created a few new ones in the process. It's a good rental.

fiercescuba3600d ago

there is a lot to do here. it is a great rental for anyone who wants to steamroll through but for people who want to deep dive, it is not a purchase you would feel bad about.