Trade-Ins: The Ugly Truth

DualShockers writes:

"Oh dear me this subject cannot go without a bashing. I simply cannot allow it, because every time this topic goes untouched, I feel like I have testicular cancer. It's very tough to prove that theory, I know. All gamers, large and small, at least once in their life, have traded in games to their local trade-in game store, for either cash or credit so they can continue to buy games at a bigger discount. Sounds reasonable, right? To me this was the greatest thing that ever came to gaming, especially when income was an issue. I could trade in my games that I would never play anymore, and in return I could buy games that I would play. This was so sweet, but yet to the trained eye, it was also very sour.."

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BROOKLYN N-M-E4484d ago

I do trade games in, I always regret it. It feels like i just left a jail shower when I walk out of the store. I'm kinda hoping that best buy and walmart end up jumping into the used games market that we these bastards can compete for our money!

pphoenix4484d ago

These types of stories are nothing more than "Industry Rhetoric" to turn people against second hand sales, its about opinion changing & getting you to accept anti-consumer licencing that blocks you from resale but its more than resale what the industry wants to stop is you swapping and trading with your friends.

RE: gamestop etc:

If you don't like the price don't sell or purchase used titles.

why not swap them with friends, use ebay, craigs list etc?

Craigs list/ ebay does take more time than walking into a shop but surely you can wait a few days to get a new game, or are you part of the brainwashed consumers that want everything "now" & throw reson to the wind & pre order everything based on some media stooge review?

Bnet3434484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

Here's why trade-ins are bad. Buy a new $60 game, trade it in, you get around $30 in return depending how new it is. You're losing money. If you like losing money, you trade in games. Save money, buy games, build a collection, DON"T TRADE IN. I learned my lesson last gen, that's why now I have over 30 games and counting. And trust me, you go back to games you haven't played in a while.


You're missing the point. It's fine to sell a game to a friend or let them borrow it. It's bad that stores like Gamestop will give you $30 for Uncharted 2. If I bought Uncharted 2 today, Gamestop would give be $30 for a trade in. I could sell the game on eBay for 10 more bucks maybe even more. Stop accusing others with your anti-consumer conspiracy. Gamers aren't against each other. We all want good games at an affordable price.

Lelouch V Brit4484d ago

Trade-in is a Rip off And Gamestop Is the King.

pphoenix4484d ago

@ Kigmal

spoken like a true corporate public relation trying to turn everyone into accepting anti-consumer licensing.

@ Lelouch V Brit

lend your games swap your games, sell your games via ebay etc ppl, but boycott gamestop and any other store that offers poor value!

Darkstorn4484d ago

Trading in games only helps corporate conglomerates such as Gamestop. The devs don't get rewarded for their hard work, and that's why great studios like Planet Moon and Day 1 Studios have closed their doors. Plus, trade in values are always terrible.

pphoenix4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

@ Darkstorn

you are spewing the media industries rhetoric to brainwash us into believing resale of games is evil.

we purchase a product we have the right to sell it. they have been trying to block game resale since the 80's & still the gaming industry lives & has gone from yearly strength to strength now surpassing the music industry.

[sarcasm]so yes i must agree with you that the game industry is a failed business due to second hand games[/sarcasm]

the problem with the gaming industry is the huge corporations driving smaller companies out of business.

yippie1234y4484d ago

gamestop = activision of game stores lol

i stopped selling my games ever since about a year ago when i really wanted to play mario rpg and could only find it on ebay for lots more then it cost brand new back in the day.

Max Power4484d ago

buy games then trade them later and get pissed about what they are offering you, why don't you rent the games?

Persistantthug4484d ago

I use Craigslist. I've traded with a people on there. I've even bought used games outright from some works great.

Even if you don't use Craigslist, there are websites that specialize in trading games and other media like movies and music, etc.

There's GOOZEX

There's Swaptree

There's also this one:

Forget Gamestop people, there's much better alternatives.

MiloGarret4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

I don't think you're some corporate dummy, I've seen your comments here before and you appear to be one of the more sensible persons in this place. However I totally disagree with your opinion, because that's what it is, opinion.

Building a collection of games is not something I care about, I've been playing games for over 15 years now, I've traded and sold MANY a game and i have yet to regret a single trade/sale. Today I have a steady salary and I'm able to buy any game I want, but for young kids, students or people who have lower wages, that may not be an option. To those people, trading/selling can be the only way to attain new games and enjoy NEW experiences, rather than waiting for an old favourite to become interesting again. The only games I keep are truly outstanding games which I absolutely know I'll play again, such as Mass Effect or KZ2, or games I play regularly online.

I recommend anyone still struggling to reach a level of economic prosperity enough to buy any game you want; to trade and sell as much as you can. Likely, you won't regret it and you'll enjoy many games which otherwise might've been unavailable to you.

BTW, tip: be patient, sell your games on ebay or whatever, you'll get much, much more for it than Gamestop is able to offer.

AND, trading is a legitimate practice in any free market, capitalism is survival of the fittest and the devs who go down do so due to the rules of the market economy. Don't like it? Tough luck.

darthv724484d ago

I have only traded in one game to gamestop. It was rock band for ps2. I got the ps2 full band and thought it would work for the ps3. It was cheaper to get that version for $99 than the one for ps3. It didnt work right so I ended up taking the game to the store. I got $30 trade in value and picked up a used version for the ps3.

That worked out pretty good for me but I do not buy any track packs used. There is a good chance the import codes have been used and I want to be able to import the track packs into the full game.

I do find some good deals on used games but never really trade in. I figure if the game gets my $$ then it belongs in my collection.

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Darkseider4484d ago

Welcome to the free market and capitalism! If this is what the market will bear the practice will continue to the profit of the individual corporations offering this service. He comes out like this is some new concept. Ever hear of buy low and sell high? Been going on since the beginning of time.

Darkstorn4484d ago

The devs are still getting ripped off though. I'd rather support those who actually make my games than the middleman (ie Gamestop).

Kushan4484d ago

You realise that out of the $60 a game costs, the devs are lucky to get maybe $10 of it? Most of it gets split between the store and the publisher, plus MS/Sony want a cut as well.

hendersonman4484d ago

Actually Kushan, that is not true. Stores like gamestop, walmart, best buy make 0 on systems, and they only make about $10 on games at the most. I worked in retail for 10 years.

tehk1w14484d ago

Games are sold to retailers for about $45-50 and resold for $60.

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BROOKLYN N-M-E4484d ago

$12 bucks for 32 games, gamestop is ridiculous!

taz80804484d ago

Trade ins are good and bad, sellers always get robbed and buyers always win. Gamestop is the king of this.

pphoenix4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

so why not boycott Gamestop & start a community revolution & start up a swap shop esk web site?

do something about it.

but im old enough to remember the multi coloured swap shop:

Lelouch V Brit4484d ago

are you a Gamestop Power Ranger?

taz80804484d ago


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