Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition Fetching a Fortune on Ebay

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Rare and collectible video game paraphernalia ends up on Ebay's auction block all the time. So it's really to no surprise that someone lucky enough to nab a copy of the ultra rare Fortune Hunter Edition of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, has put the treasured collector's item up for auction on Ebay.

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Nitrowolf23597d ago

um lol
i was guessing this would go up to at least 1000$ but 3000$ dam

Sev3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

$3000, with 9 days left!

Nitrowolf23597d ago

i might get some disagree with this, but if i win one copy i would sell it 2 after seeing this. I mean thats allot

Megaton3597d ago

As much as I wanted one of those things for myself because it's awesome, I'd sell it in a heartbeat if that's what it would bring in.

IdleLeeSiuLung3597d ago

These limited editions aren't for the fans, they are for profiting!

Wish they would just release the darn thing so everyone can get one!

Carl14123597d ago

Jesus. If i won copy i wouldn't hesitate to sell it for that price

vhero3597d ago

lets be frank here whoever bid 3k probably has no intention of buying it that price. Usually people use fake accounts just to p**s people off its sad but true. That person will probably think hes getting a nice cash lump sum but in fact he will either get scammed with a stolen paypal or the buyer will not even pay.

RAZORLAND3596d ago

Someone tell the 'seller' that there are new ebay mesures to keep people from getting scammed; and to get out while they still can.

NoBias3596d ago

I've got intel on where one of these fortune hunter editions is at. Basically all I need are a handful of people who can climb basically anything, a few hot girls that can handle their own and a demolitions expert. I'll supply the witty humor.

If you want in, lemme know. We can do this.

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dragon823597d ago

I would really wan too keep it if I won it but damn!!!!! I am quite broke these days. Just think how many games you can buy with that kind of cash. :)

OGharryjoysticks3597d ago

They know who they gave it to. They should ban him from the PSN for life for making me jealous.

thereapersson3597d ago

He's pretty much the definition of Turd Sandwich.

He received something for free, and now he's profiting off it. He's not even going to play the damn game!

Deputydon3597d ago

Yeah... because he can't just rebuy a normal copy of the game with the $3k he made off the special edition...

Nope... no way.

Raoh3597d ago


Its like every couple of months something connected to the playstation brand sells for upward of 1k on ebay

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The story is too old to be commented.