ATI already won next gen Xbox deal (Rumor)

Fuad Abazovic writes,

"We've learned from industry sources that AMD / ATI has already won the GPU deal for the next generation Xbox console. It looks like Microsoft was happy with first Xeons GPU and it wants to continue using the same, especially since the new ATI GPU should keep the compatibility with legacy games."

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ThanatosDMC3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

"Next Gen" has been staring at MS this whole time all ready... guess, they're abandoning 360???

josuttis3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

"guess, they're abandoning 360?"

All signs point to yes.

Look at Microsoft's actions over the last couple of years:

* They have been shutting down their first party development studios

* They let major exclusive third party developers like Bioware and Bizarre Creations get bought by multiplatform publishers

* They let their one big developer Bungie leave the company

Everything you would expect a company to do that was leaving the console market.

There isn't going to be another Xbox. Ever.

Microsoft has lost some 7 to 8 billion dollars on the 8 year long Xbox fiasco. They are going through major cost cutting, layoffs and shutting down of projects and products. Wasting more billions designing and ramping up production of yet another Xbox isn't going to happen.

That is why they are jumping on the motion control bandwagon with their EyeToy ripoff. Try to replicate Nintendo's Wii strategy of selling old hardware with motion controls tacked on. Keep the suckers paying their 50 dollar a year online fees instead of abandoning the dead Xbox platform.

zootang3602d ago

It's Fudzilla, when they state facts they are usually wrong.

Perjoss3602d ago

@ 1.3
interesting, but you're wrong.

3602d ago
a_squirrel3602d ago


I would have to say that that is true... for the most part, but they are gaining a ton of money from those $50 online thingys

darthv723602d ago

I am sure sony is doing the same. Makes you wonder if sony will stick with nvidia again for the ps4.

I am also curious if MS will stick to the power pc core design or go with something inclusive from AMD/ATI. The cpu/gpu combined to make it smaller and produce less heat.

I can see the 6 core Phenom type with the latest ATI gpu built in to the same die. Not much different from where intel is going.

Will nintendo stick to ATI as well?

evrfighter3602d ago

Fudzilla is Fudzilla

But for something like this I wouldn't toss it aside. I'm all for an xbox I can buy without worry of failing on me. With ATI going the way they are. This would be the logical decision for M$.

ThanatosDMC3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

MS has the capital to back up anything. It doesnt matter if it fails.

Oh wait, i forgot about Natal...

StanLee3602d ago

Your post is so ridiculous I don't know where to begin addressing it so I wont. You have have shown how ignorant most posters posting on this site are.

3602d ago
ChickeyCantor3602d ago

You know its been a while since the 360 was released.
Its only logical for them to let ATI do research on a Chip they need, the next xbox is coming and we all know it.

FrankDrebin3602d ago

of course is in the works but I don't see how MS is getting ready for it by shutting down inhouse developers.

All game console companies begin looking to the future as soon or even before their current gen systems launch.

This is the be expected.

darthv723602d ago

on one hand you have the increasing time and $$ in game development. On the other you have the advancements in technology.

I wouldnt want a game console to release every 5 years now a days but when it was the nes, genesis, snes it was understandable. Dev time was shorter and costs were cheaper then. Now a days it takes some devs 2 maybe 3 years to go from concept to completion. If a console were to come out every 5 years now it would be pointless. You get 1 game then have to wait for the next and by the time it comes out it is already into the next console release.

I know that last part may be a bit extreme but you can understand what i am meaning. I actually expect all 3 to be working on their follow up consoles. Sony looks to be in a better position than the others because of their cell cpu. It is a beefy chip that is hindered by limited memory at the moment. I would not be surprised if the next sony system has the cell but with increased dedicated memory as well as beefier gpu with more memory as well.

these consoles have been compared to pc's so in that same vein, you could simply upgrade some components while keeping others. 360 cpu is pretty good too although, I dont really ever hear of devs saying they are using all 3 cores effectivly like you hear stories about using multiple spe's in the cell.

Just like swapping out the video card in a pc, I can see the newest tech for 2010-ish for the next xbox along with either bluray or whatever may be the next big wave in media format technology the industry has in mind. That is...provided MS is shooting for an 2010 announcement. Otherwise they could use whatever ati has up their processing sleeves for 11 or 12.

You figure they will want whatever is cost effective and can do DX12 by that time. Just make sure there is sufficient memory for the gpu and system. 4gb seems to be a norm about now.

Persistantthug3602d ago

I can't say that MS will bow out of the Console "game" next gen., and I doubt you have the inside information to back that either, but I have to admit that you have brought some very strong points forward.

I mean, I bet I'm not the only one that hasn't actually taken the time to think about how long Microsoft has been at this. You're right, It's been 8 years......8 FREAKIN YEARS ALREADY?!!!?

If Microsoft has made no money in this 8 years, and has lost billions like you has to wonder how long they are gonna stay in this in the "hope" that they'll finally turn and ERASE all those losses to positive gains.

I don't care what business it is.......throwing good money after bad is ALWAYS a losing proposition for any company......always.

Xi3602d ago

If i recall correctly.

They just purchased big park games, started up spawnpoint studios and 343 industries.

They've contracted out the fasa catalog to smith and tinker, who are currently working on the new mechwarrior.

And they still have robot industries working with them for halo wars content.

Not to mention they've been massing support for natal.

What exactly are they shutting down?

RememberThe3573602d ago

So this isn't surprising at all.

Plus, Nividia seems to be pissing everyone off right now, so I wouldn't expect them to get the nod.

Isn't Intel supposed to be working on the new GPU for the PS4?

Pekka3601d ago

@1.3: As a company MS still makes $15 billion dollar profits each year while Sony isn't even profitable. And PS3 has lost at least $3 billion dollars so why they couldn't bow out too. Wii is only console this generation which is profitable, others have lost billions.

@Walther: MS is still one of the most profitable companies in the world so they can afford to prop up their stocks. Sony doesn't have any money, they would have to take debt to do that. People talk about Apples "huge" profits although they are much less that MS has profits.

SIdepocket3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )


How could you think there wouldn't be another Xbox? This generation they derailed the mighty Playstation. I'm sure Microsoft is in it for the long now. Sony is hemorrhaging money this generation - if anyone were to bow out I could see it being them.

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MiloGarret3602d ago

Where you gonna say that the article picture kinda looks like a vagina? Because it does.

siyrobbo3602d ago

@ Milo Garret

dude you've been with some freaky chicks!

MiloGarret3602d ago

lol, no seriously look at the lower part. just when the 'T' ends. I've been away from my girlfriend for two weeks, I'm seeing punani everywhere...

and yes, i have, but let's not go there.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3602d ago

Okay. Since the beginning Sony have been saying that the PS3 will last 10 years... From were this statement comes from, only god knows.

koehler833602d ago

The PS2 has been around for 9 years, it didn't stop the PS3 from launching 3 years ago.

thereapersson3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Sony has stated all along that they are set on a 10-year plan for the PS3, and just because MS wants to "Jump Out" of this generation as quickly as they can so they can claim victory and get to market first a second time in a row, doesn't mean this generation is therefore concluded.


Sony STILL hasn't abandoned the PS2, and they sure as hell won't be abandoning the PS3. This uninformed opinion BS has got to stop.

ceedubya93602d ago

We don't know what Microsofts plans are as far as support for their 360 console is concerned. Just because they dropped the orginial xbox, doesn't mean the same will happen to the 360. The 360 is still doing okay for them. What reason do they have to stop supporting it, even if they were looking to start a new console?

Anyone who thinks that BOTH Microsoft and Sony aren't already looking into plans for their next consoles must have just started gaming this gen, or is really out of the loop.

Of course, it may be any number of years before those plans come full circle, and we see new consoles.

darthv723602d ago

you do realize that sony's "10 year plan" does not mean 10 years between console releases. Right?

ceedubya93602d ago

People do tend to overlook that. Sony does support its consoles over long periods, but that doesn't mean they hold off on releasing a bigger, better console. When its ready, they ship it.

Apocalypse Shadow3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

reaper knows....

10 million or more consoles sold a year for 10 years.that includes the psp.they have done it twice.and psp is half way justs likes to overlap to give devs the ability to make money to fund next gen development through previous consoles.

microsoft seems destined to jump first before sony does.and josittus explained microsoft's difficulty in jumping so they are trying to extend 360's life through natal.

but ATI would be a good choice of chip manufacturers.

siyrobbo3602d ago

sonys only just starting to gather momentum with the ps3, they are in it for the long haul. MS are starting to struggle a little. they are slipping up, and if natal turns out to be a bomb, they may not have anything to back themselves up with

RussDeBuss3602d ago

New playstation in 2010, that would never of happend, recession or not, the ps3 is only now just hitting 3 yrs old, they wouldn't bring out a new system until ps3 at least 5 yrs, and maybe longer because they were forced to release early because of 360 launching really early (which proved stupid, rrod, dvd9 etc).

and ceedubya, they won't release a new machine as soon as it's ready(M$, nint or sony) that will be decided by many factors

-what the competition is doing
-when the current gen machine has peaked, plateued and started to no longer show good growth
-current tech being maxed out and games stagnating
-when the new components are affordable enough
-when demand is there

i wouldn;t be surprised if all 3 have working concept hardware oeking on tests benches already, these things take lots of time to design and make properly, unless your ms and just want to rush your junk out the door and deal with it breaking later

Ju3602d ago

Those 10 years is just a bubble. An empty shell. You'd want to keep a console on the market as long as you can. Possible way longer then 10 years. Console business has a huge one time investment and needs to recoup those costs with a machine with mostly 0 changes (= zero follow up investments) over time. For the PS2 it was very obvious, that its technology will never survive more then those 10 years - or even reach it (they could drop it any time, but as long as the make yet one cent out of it, why would they?).

For the next generation the whole scenario will be way more complex. First is cost reduction. These new machines are far more complex then the previous generation. A cost reduction in that scope like what happened with the PS2 will maybe not even be possible. The design reaches its limits. I can see a PS3 (or a 360) dropping down to $200, but below this will be very challenging.

What this means is, a newer generation would require to have a significant different (= higher) price tag. Significant higher means significant higher then PS3/360 at launch. Also, because it needs to pack significant more performance into the package, else it competes with its own predecessor. Now, we all know how that went, with a price tag above $400 (or $500+). I see no market for such a machine in the near future. To release something 2x more powerful then a PS3 at $300 will be very challenging.

I could imagine Nintendo or/and MS doing this, though. Besides more performance, they can simply upgrade the mem and the media (BD) to be just a bit above the PS3 but to try to keep the cost advantage. In that respect a PS3+ wouldn't do for Sony. The PS3 is here to stay for a while, for the other two, I'd expect them to be out before Sony.

blackpanther253602d ago

not with your whole statement but i believe would be able to keep their next system at a fair price. They have been doing research on decreasing the size and increasing the power of the cell processor.
They can still put in a Blue-ray drive in their machine. Now that the players are decreasing in price i doubt making a new one for the ps4 will be expensive. The only thing they would have to really change is the amount of ram and the graphics card. The PS3 slim is evidence that the components are getting cheaper to produce because they are becoming common.

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trancefreak3602d ago

the 2118 xforce ad is kinda amusing to the right of that page.

Aquarius3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

The PS3 is already multiple generations foward compared to gamecube 2.0 and flopbox 0.5.

The xbox will need a quantum jump to be on or even reach PS3's calibre.

spongeboob3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

what does this article have to do with the Cell processor. Sometimes i don't understand how mentally challenged you Xbox supporters are. Shouldn't you all be playing your Halo 3 DLC and your Forza 2 HD.

3602d ago
N4G king3602d ago

lol @ shadow bot

do you know that a double layered cell would OWN any thing new in the market for the next 10 years ?

cryymoar3602d ago

is just pissed because Cell is taking a dump on the xbox360, so now he must look at the next xbox console for salvation.

Sony will include Cell and Bluray and XDR(2) into PS4.
And possibly use a Larabee GPU which can work with Cell BE.

kaveti66163602d ago

Um, nope. A double-layered Cell at this given time is weaker than Intel Larrabbee, so I don't know what you're talking about. In 5 years, PC technology will have advanced to a much further extent than anything a closed-box console will ever be able to achieve.

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