PS3 + YDL= Mega Media Machine

In conjunction with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), Access Co., Ltd. demonstrated its "NetFront Living Connect" middleware application on the PS3.

Loaded with YDL 5.0, Access and its wholly-owned subsidiary IP Fusion, showcased the PS3 in operation as a DMS (Digital Media Server). Due to the computational power of the Cell Processor the showcased PS3 is able to transmit content to other machines on the network with ease, though the limited space on the hard drive would require an upgrade.



NetFront Living Connect: Enabling Digital Living

NetFront Living Connect supports functions such as controlling, uploading, downloading, printing, as well as server and player functions for various appliances including mobile phones, digital TVs, digital cameras, HDD recorders, printers and more. NetFront Living Connect is a comprehensive DLNA solution that looks ahead to the emergence of the multi-media networked world. NetFront Living Connect was developed specifically for embedded devices and leverages ACCESS' experience in home appliance Internet technologies. NetFront Living Connect's portability allows it to function with any OS or CPU while its flexible modularity allows for easy customization. In the future, NetFront Living Connect will evolve into a more powerful total solution when integrated with other ACCESS technologies like NetFront™ Browser or NetFront™ DTV Profile, etc.

NetFront Living Connect Features

Optimized for Embedded Information Appliances
NetFront Living Connect was designed from its initial planning stage as an optimal solution for resource-limited embedded environments. Its high portability, which allows it to function with any OS or CPU, also means that it can be seamlessly embedded into a wide variety of devices.

Linking with ACCESS Technology
By integrating with ACCESS' NetFront Browser (which includes support for Ajax and RSS) and TCP/IP, NetFront Living Connect can be provided as a total solution.

Flexible Modular Structure
NetFront Living Connect's porting layer is peer (Target Adaptation Module) independent, and is adaptable to a wide variety of hardware and OS environments. NetFront Living Connect includes a UI Library that enables development of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) on any Windows® based PC.

NetFront Living Connect's DLNA device class is modular for each function, which means that only the necessary device class has to be mounted.

Supported OS: ITRON®, Linux®, Windows Mobile® 5 for Pocket PC and Smartphone Edition, BREW®, Symbian OS, etc.

NetFront Living Connect Specifications

DLNA Device Class and Device Capability

* Digital Media Server (DMS)
* Digital Media Player (DMP)
* Digital Media Controller (DMC)
* Digital Media Renderer (DMR)
* Mobile Digital Media Server (M-DMS)
* Mobile Digital Media Player (M-DMP)
* Mobile Digital Media Controller (M-DMC)
* Mobile Digital Media Uploader (M-DMU)
* Mobile Digital Media Downloader (M-DMD)
* Upload Controller (+UP+)
* Download Controller (+DN+)
* Digital Media Printer (DMPr) (Planning to support)
* Printing Controller-1 (+PR1+) (Planning to support)
* Printing Controller-2 (+PR2+) (Planning to support)

Media Format

DMS Support

* Image (JPEG, BMP, PNG)
* Audio (MP3, WAVE, AAC, AC3, LPCM, AMR, *WMA)
* Video (MPEG2-PS, MPEG4, H.264 SD, *WMV)

*WMA (Windows Media Audio), WMV (Windows Media Video)

DMP Support

* Image (JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF)
* Audio (MP3, WAVE, AAC) (WMA: Planning to support)
* Video (MPEG4, H.264 SD) (WMV: Planning to support)

* Software codec provides NetFront Audio/Video Codec Module

Media Player

* Player Engine (NetFront™ Media Player)




* XML Parser (Open Source)


* DTCP-IP (Option)
* Windows Media DRM 10 Network Devices (Option)

DLNA Player Image
Operate TVs with infrared remote control. Retrieve content compiled in
terminals that have storage fu

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FordGTGuy4586d ago

it takes to stream a HD movie from a computer to the console. Must but alot..........

Lord Anubis4586d ago (Edited 4586d ago )

depending on how many feeds.

the key word is Digital Media Server (DMS)

Sadly reading the comments below everyone asphyxiates on Cell rather than the software. Ah truly a shame.

FordGTGuy4586d ago

They made it sound like this thing is only possible with the Cell processor.

Funky Town_TX4586d ago

I stream HD movies in WMVHD from my crappy PC to my 360 all the time. I have a celeron processor. Okay don't laugh at me.

power of Green 4586d ago

computational power of the Cell Processor??????>... WoW!.

sonarus4586d ago

LOL. So wat does all this mean. Are they planning to make this available for the consumer or what?

ErcsYou4586d ago (Edited 4586d ago )

sounds like a B/S hype man to me. if i can do all this and play a online game at the same time i would be impressed, till then gimmie a game

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The story is too old to be commented.