Sony's upcoming PlayStation software portfolio

Gaming sites across the net, including PSU, were busy with SCEA's Gamer's Day last week, and rightly so as Sony showed off some fantastic looking titles. But with all the media and impressions of playable games many titles were overlooked that were in fact demoed.

Sony has released a portfolio of all the games that were shown off at their event. A total of 31 PS3 titles, 5 PSN titles, 21 PSP games, and 4 PS2 games made it to the event to be displayed in all their glory. Unfortunately most were over-shadowed by the monster titles like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Heavenly Sword, and SOCOM, but every one of these titles is planned for release between now and the early months of 2008.

Here is the complete list of all the titles in Sony's portfolio:

View them at PlayStation Universe after the Jump!

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ErcsYou4586d ago (Edited 4586d ago )

out of that list i see 15 titles ill buy, two are downloadable games.

1 Ratchet & Clank Future: love the trailer " cell processor thingamajiggy"
2 Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, yes please
3 Heavenly Sword, the reason i bought a ps3
4 SOCOM: Confrontation, online additction
5 Lair, dragons killing dragons and people and rhino's, thats a game
6 Folklore, a fresh idea for a rpg
7 The Eye of Judgement, looks cool!
8 LittleBigPlanet, a new level every day, yay
9 Devil May Cry IV, me and capcom go way back
10 Ninja Gaiden Sigma, ive already put 12 hours on the demo
11 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, shooter addict
12 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, shooter addict
13 The Darkness, shooter addict

PlayStation Network
14 Calling All Cars, already have it
15 Warkhawk, my online fix untill killzone or unreal 3

home is free so this one doesnt count

EZCheez4586d ago

The list of games that come out for PS3 in September alone? There are approximately 25 games that come out just in that month! Each month up to September averages about 8 games a month with the heat really picking up in August.

I am trying to do this the smart way. Since there aren't THAT MANY games to play right now, I am using my money to make payments on all of the games I will want in the coming months. I already have Lair, Heavenly Sword, and GTA4 paid off. Drake, you are next!

ErcsYou4586d ago

the list for the rest of the year is overwhelming. i also thought august/september was going to sky rocket. you are way ahead of me on the pre orders, i have R6V anf NGS paid for, the darkness is next. lair will come soon , now i just have to find time to play darkness and ninja gaiden sigma at the same time. that gives me 2 weeks to play rainbow 6, i hope war hawk and heavenly sword dont release to close to each other because these to will be taking up most of my life in the future...

Vojkan4586d ago

There is no way that 25 games will be released in a single month, thats just stupid to even consider as possibility. You can say that 35 PS3 games will be released during the FALL but in one month? I mean get real

PlayStation3604586d ago

wouldn't Home and Little Big Planet be under Playstation Network? Just a thought. Anyways, 9 games on that list I plan on getting, not including Home ofcourse, since it's free. PS3: 5, PSN: 1, PSP: 2, PS2: 1. I'm still not sure about DMC IV, stranglehold and folklore.

mcintosh2334586d ago (Edited 4586d ago )

its a good year for gaming i mean the ps3 has a great lineup .
the 360 also has an astounding line up and currently the pc is seeing a resurgence in capital being put into it.
being a bum is looking attractive right now lol
if the dole only came with a gaming allowance. maybe i could claim i'm a gaming junkie and the gov't could supply all my needs

Monchichi0254586d ago

Anyone who believes all these games will be released by early 2008 is crazy. This is just another one of Sony's tricks to get Hype built to counter Halo and to attract those borderline consumers. (Smart marketing move by the way!) But it is not financially feesible to release all these titles in such a short time period. Expect many of these games to be delayed to fill the rest of the 2008. Just like Liar and Heavanly Sword, which were said to be launch titles, but almost a year later and they still haven't released. That is just how the gaming world works unfortunately.

techie4586d ago

That list is half empty. Sheesh. You'll see at e3

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The story is too old to be commented.