Eurogamer: Forza Motorsport 3 review

Is it naïve to think you can judge the character of a racing game from its choice of cover star? Probably.

Yet the Project Gotham Racing series' love affair with Ferrari was perfectly suited to its flamboyant character; Race Driver GRID's hulking Dodge Viper in race trim captured its brutish, high-octane track-day drama. And Forza Motorsport 3 couldn't be more aptly summarised by the car that adorns the box (and kicks the racing campaign off in the obligatory high-speed teaser, before you're relegated to buzzing around in superminis): the Audi R8.

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WIIIS13603d ago

"There is, however, the best possible reason for that - and the longer you spend with the game, the less you care. Turn 10 has sacrificed flash for a faultless 60 frames a second, and understood that in simulation, what you feel is far more important than what you see. It has diverted all of the 360's resources to giving you the smoothest, most believable, most physically rewarding drive you've ever had. Who cares what the scenery or the tyre-smoke look like when your eyes are laser-focused on the next apex, when your fingers can feel the road surface? It was the right decision."

Forza 3 - made for gamers who love the drive.

4Sh0w3603d ago

Extremely well-written review. This game is going to be so much fun.

Dareaver13603d ago

this game is going to soak up so much of my time.... Can't wait....

tripewire3602d ago

I'll wait 5 months and take the perfect simulation AND great graphics thanks.

Terry Tate3603d ago

Sooooo looking forward to this game.
Quick, Sony Defnese Force get on here and disagree; spew some stupid negative garbage; throw out your conspiracy theories that reviewers are bought; that this game will bomb and that somehow the graphics lick sack. Besides, thats what sim racing is all about, right, graphics?

RadientFlux3603d ago

Hopefully since Eurogamer gave Uncharted 2 a perfect score. It will end those 'Eurogamer are bias' comments.

iamgoatman3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Good review, been waiting for eurogamer to give their verdict.

Oh and in before "M$ must be romantically entangled with eurogramer", "Turn 10 stole my baby" and "F[insert whitty use of 1 or 2 letters here]za"

lamigol3603d ago

I own a PS3, have done for years and cant wait for GT5.
I am buying a 360 Elite in 2 days and will buy Forza 3.
None of this slagging GT or Forza, both will be brilliant and at the end of the day, I love playing games. I have no loyalty to Sony or Microsoft. I can afford both consoles so I will have both and enjoy the benefits of both. I can finally comment on games from both camps in a fair and unbiased way.

ShabzS3602d ago

+ bubbles for you man ...

Dareaver13602d ago

unlike the guy who posted under me in my first post..... Lifeless Trolls.....

Man this site is really sucking lately.

But Kudos to you....