Interview Highlights: Pirates of the Caribbean Multiplatform Differences

*New areas not in the movie has been added to the game.
*Locations that appeared briefly in the movie has been expanded in the game
*New backstories and explorations
*Gameplay and Stories may vary for different version
*Each version is unique because different teams worked on it.
*PS2 Version/Wii/PSP version has secret characters to unlock
*Disneyland will have download hotspot for the DS Version.

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DrWan4754d ago

Its funny seeing amanda mckay trying to act as if she's really interested in what the fat jolly guy was talking about lol. she's hot though

M_Prime4754d ago

Well thats her Job.. and what a good job she does ;-)

mcintosh2334754d ago

i 'had' the demo for this and i really feel that is the most embarrassing lameass pile of donkey d**k i have ever seen.
i mean there is ONE combo that kill everyone its really complicated like.... A..A..A i mean WOW don't think the average gamer will be able to get their head round it. it not even a smart well animated one. plus the fact it is the worst movie tie in i've played in memory.

i love pirate games as well, hell i am a pirate

can't remember who makes it but it is an EA rush job at its best

DrWan4754d ago

just like spiderman it will go on as the best selling game for a few weeks.

socalr64754d ago

A year or so before the 360 came out I read and article about how the movies studios were going to stop making movie games because they were all poorly made games and gamers had caught on and were not going to support these lame rushed garbage(Atari and E.T any one?) The developers/studio were losing lots of cash.

Now with the "next gen" of consoles out Hollywood is hoping we all forgot they are all a bunch of money grubbing bastards and think they can pull the wool over our eyes again this round. I for one will not stand this, Keep your King Kong, Spidey, gay Pirates, Waterworld games and shove them in the same giant hole were they buried those 1 million unsold E.T. games back in the 80's.