David Cage: Sony Really Pays Attention to the Quality of a Game

David Cage, director of Quantic Dream has been talking about Heavy Rain, rubbishing claims of the QTE sequences and praising Sony for looking for quality.

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Blaster_Master3601d ago

Everyone knows Sony = Quanity + Quality. Except for fanboys of course.

gaffyh3601d ago

I've never heard of a developer complaining that Sony was rushing a game, but I have heard of a similar thing with MS (Bungie on Halo 3, and Level-5 last gen).

GWAVE3601d ago

Yeah. Sony and their 2nd party devs definitely know what "quality" means.

Especially since the media is all too happy to point out ANY flaw in a Sony game, they have to ensure quality. It's not like any media outlet would blatantly ignore a completely glitchy and broken multiplayer mode for any of Sony's games...*cough*GearsofWar2*cou gh*

gaffyh3601d ago

@1.3 - The Sony QA test probably brought up the bugs in Trine, which is why it was delayed so much, but at least the game is good.

StanLee3601d ago

What else is he suppose to say? I'll avoid the elephants in the room, Haze and Lair.

callahan093601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

StanLee, Haze had nothing to do with Sony. That was Ubisoft & Free Radical through and through. So that just leaves Lair, eh?

And if you want to get into it, what exactly wasn't quality about Lair? Did you personally play it, and if so did you just give up because you didn't want to adjust to the controls, or did you actually see everything that it had to offer?

It had impeccable audio and visuals. And it's concept and level designs were really well-done. The main complaint was with the controls, which are frankly subjective. A lot of critics just tried it and didn't do well for 20 minutes so they decided the controls are horrible and slapped a bad score on the game. Later on when they added the kind of controls that those same critics had requested, those critics said "We don't care, the game was horrible and new controls can't fix that" even though it was precisely the controls that they said made it horrible. With good controls, the game was great. Great graphics, absolutely INCREDIBLE soundtrack and audio, and a really fun game with some cool missions. The game has quite a cult following among fans who appreciated all that it offered and actually managed to get comfortable with the control style. It's not that the game had poor controls, it's just that it was difficult to adjust to controlling a game in that manner (which I would agree with). But when you get used to it, or if you use the newer control layout that they released utilizing the analog sticks, then you can get a lot out of Lair and really enjoy the high production values and all that it offered.

ThanatosDMC3601d ago

Haze's problem was the horrible graphics and physics. Everything else was fun... err... co-op anyway.

Foliage3601d ago

Well said callahan09, I'm getting sick of people blasting Lair and the original Killzone. They obviously have never played the games. I even doubt they played Haze either. People trust reviews, and time and time again it has been proven that reviewers have been incredibly biased.

ChozenWoan3601d ago

But how the game didn't take the time to really teach you how to use them before placing you 10ft deep into the heart of battle.

The game just didn't guide you through them in the early stages in proper levels leading up to the first battle. So here you are trying to master something as simple as turning and aiming while being shot at, all the while your being distracted by frantic cutscenes. It was all just too much action too soon for even experienced gamers when first playing Lair.

Too be honest, I wish Sony would do a sequel. With proper beginning stages and online combat, Lair 2 would be a megahit.

gaffyh3601d ago

The problem with Lair was the controls weren't accurate enough, so the game became more difficult to complete. It wasn't really a bad game, graphically it looked really good, and the story was decent, just that you couldn't really do what you needed to with the Sixaxis controls alone.

Kaneda3601d ago

They did screw up SOCOM.. but after they fixed some glitches.. I like the game a lot..

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Raoh3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Sounds about right...

Sony welcomes new titles and ideas and gives them time to cook (except for socom: confrontation, i will never forgive sony for that one)

Microsoft likes to copy/steal already existing ideas and mass produce them cheap

Blaster_Master3601d ago

I think they learned their lesson on that one. LOL. Socom is still in Beta too.

shadowfox3601d ago

Can't wait for Heavy Rain, hopefully it hits early in 2010.

lalalala3601d ago

Yeah me too, Heavy Rain looks like it has one of the best stories we've ever seen in a game, I mean looking at the trailer alone gets you hyped.

TOO PAWNED3601d ago

Sony makes quality games? NO s..T sherlock!

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The story is too old to be commented.