Rumor: Dragon Age: Origins Ps3 Collectors Edition Confirms Mass Effect 2 on Playstation 3?

Gary A Swaby from writes: So I'm sure your all aware about the fact that if you buy the collectors edition of Dragon Age: Origins you get some special armor that you can also use in Mass Effect 2 right? Well naturally I figured this would only be if you bought the Xbox 360 or PC versions of the collectors edition. Well today I was thinking about pre-ordering my version of Dragon Age: Origins (on the 360), but I was in a very curios mood. So I clicked on the Dragon Age: Origins collectors edition for Playstation 3 just to see what it offered (on, and sure enough I saw that it offered the same armor that can be used in Mass Effect 2

So at first my instincts told me that maybe Game was unaware or mis informed, so I then decided to check on and sure enough I saw exactly the same thing.

So either buying the Ps3 version gets you Mass Effect 2 armor for use with the Xbox 360 or PC (which would be retarded), Or we will definitely be seeing Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 at some point. Or these sites are just clearly false advertising, which is very wrong considering the average consumer (or a journalist like me) may assume that Mass Effect 2 is for Playstation 3 also. Either way this is a very interesting discovery.


According to the official press release from EA:

"In addition, BioWare will release the Blood Dragon Armor DLC, a set of themed armor that will give players additional protection in combat. This DLC is available to players who purchase a new copy of Dragon Age: Origins (original or Collector's Edition) via a code* included with the game. This armor will be available for use in both Dragon Age: Origins on the PlayStation 3 computer and entertainment system, Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system and PC and in Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox 360 and PC."

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Waldex_Encore3600d ago

This is old news, but anyway, here i come


its sooooooooooooooooooooo coming!!!!

And we are going to experience an orgasm by laugh when the official statement comes out and hundreds of xbots around the globe start to die by heart stroke

TheXgamerLive3599d ago

It's already been said by EA and MS, it's not coming, this is just a copy and paste situation w/bonus info.

It'll be clarrified soon.

TheTeam063599d ago


Remember Bioshock?

I'm not saying it is coming, nor did I ever. I'm just saying, you can't trust the mouths of a money-hungry business anymore.

Darrius Cole3599d ago

Isn't Mass Effect 2 releasing the same month as Final Fantasy XIII? I've seen rumors that they are both releasing in Feb. 2010.

If they are releasing in the same month then, it doesn't matter whether ME2 comes to PS3 or not. On PS3 its sales would get raped by FFXIII, the same way that FFXIII's Xbox 360 sales are going to get raped by Mass Effect 2.

Even if EA wants to bring ME2 to PS3 they should push it back (or bring it forward) to get out of the way of FFXIII and FFXIV, but not so far back that it gets threatened by FFvsXIII.

cereal_killa3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

If it wasn't coming then Bioware would have said "NO IT'S NOT COMING TO THE PS3" (just like what SE and 2K said about SO4 and Bioshock Oh Wait!!) they still say "no comment" so this means it is coming but we can't say it is because of time exclusivity or M$ and EA are still in negotiations on the exclusivity of both games because like I said before EA now owns the rights to ME and nothing stops them from doing a ME sigma for the PS3.

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Lucreto3599d ago

I saw that on GAME when I was preordering it. It is a copy and paste job from the 360 page they only changed the to picture to the PS3 box art.

They did it before on another game but this should not be an issue the fact should be the Ireland/UK are getting a gimped version of the Collectors Edition on both PS3 and 360 should have people up in arms.

Raf1k13599d ago

That's what I was thinking.

gaffyh3599d ago

Most likely a typo, you can never trust retail websites.

zeeshan3599d ago

Well if that's a mistake, that is a HUGE mistake!

StanLee3599d ago

I think that's was the general discription sent out by EA for the collector's edition. I've actually been asking for weeks since it was announced about the inclusion of Mass Effect 2 armor and the ramifications for the PS3 collector's edition.

TOO PAWNED3599d ago

It is ALWAYS a "typo" when PS3 is about to take some 360 "exclusive", but it was never a "typo" when we were hearing for 3 years how 360 will get MGS4, up until last E3.

catguykyou3599d ago

I would imagine you still get the armor seeing as it is usable in BOTH ME2 and Dragon Age. Even if they never release ME2 for PS3, why would they remove the armor from Dragon Age. You can still use it!

dragonelite3599d ago

It's probably a lazy worker.
Just like forza 3 was sold on the ps 3.

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Feral Gamer3599d ago

I doubt it. I believe websites use the same descriptions for games no matter what system it's on.

*EDIT* oops, open zone posting :-\

kvg883599d ago

EA says the rumor is false.
Bio Ware says it won't comment, followed by a smiley faced icon
Strange lol

Kimbo Slice3599d ago

which is easy enough as the 1st game was only 9gb and will be out mid 2010

mcgrawgamer3599d ago

do ps3 gamers really want mass effect 2 that bad because it's a good game or simply so they can say xbox has no more exclusives????

Lucreto3599d ago

Depends if they are Fanboys or not.

The Fanboys will be jumping about saying the 360 has lost another exclusive.

People like me just want to see what makes the game so awesome. I never got around to getting the PC version and if the first game is ported I will be getting it.

Raoh3599d ago

I'd say both.

1. I'd love to rub it in a few friends faces :)

2. It's a really good game.. A game I'm happy to say I played.

I don't think PS3 owners are actually looking for this title though.. I think the people who are multi console owners who have played it want ps3 owners to enjoy it

Lucreto3599d ago

I know a few people who will rub this in someones face. They are still bitter about Final Fantasy XIII.

mastiffchild3599d ago

For sure Lucreto. A lot of people bought a PS3 mainly because they believed SE would stay true to their ads and word and it would be the only way to play FF this generation-they have stayed annoyed and some of them, instead of aiming their upset at SE have chosen, wrongly,at MS and 360 fans(though some of them went OTT as well, imo, after THAT E3). They would definitely enjoy 360 losing an exclusive-and to a point I can see why they're upset just not why they're upset at MS so much.

So blame SE for most of this attitude and blame those FF fans who refuse to see it was SE that made the decision and MS were just looking after their own gamers. However, I do think most people just want mre gamers to get the chance to play a really good series.

topdawg1223599d ago

I want it because it's a good game, I don't have an xbox, and my laptop barely meets the minimum requirements to run the first one (which still ran like crap btw) So yeah I'll take it on my ps3 please?

SuperStrokey11233599d ago

I have the first mass effect on my 360 but would love to switch over to my PS3 if they released them both there... I havnt even started the 360 version yet lol.

Godmars2903599d ago

PS3 owners can always get the PC version.

If their PCs can run it that is...

mcgrawgamer3599d ago

yeah I got the pc version for 20 bucks off steam and it's a great game. It fits my taste. I was just curios as to what other ps3 gamers perceptions were. I would like everyone to experience the game I know some won't like it because it won't be their type of game but I'd like ps3 gamers to support the game with their wallets if they really want it and not with they mouths just to come on sites like this one and flame.

Godmars2903599d ago

My "perception" as a PS3 owner is that with 40GB+ of extra memory to play around with at least one whole layer of gameplay could have been added. Starship combat if not more detail and submissions added to the exploration phase.

Know 360 owners don't want to hear it, but that's what I think.

Blaster_Master3599d ago

No, Mass Effect is truly an awesome game, so it just makes sense considering its a third party game to be put on the superior ps3 platform.

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