The Worst Day Ever…

Mike from Project Gamers writes: This weekend while playing some Batman Arkham Asylum, I kept receiving green flashes every couple of minutes. It was the most annoying thing ever, and I had been having problems with the PS3 since February 2009, from what I can remember.

It all began with Prince of Persia in February. During the first minutes of the game, the Prince's fingers had a weird polygon sticking perpendicular to his actual fingers. This polygon extended for ever into the environment and again was the most annoying thing ever. I kept thinking while playing, "Eh, it's not my PS3 it's just the game," so I kept playing. About ¾ of the way through the game, with lots of corrupted around me, I began to get a high screeching noise out of the game, again thinking it was just the game, but I started to do some research, and no one was having these issues, so I just kept on going.

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MAiKU3293d ago

That does sound like a very "unique" experience with a PS3. I'm curious to know the model type and how the ps3 was stored.

Real Gambler3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

First time I'm hearing about having some much trouble with polygons on a PS3...

Power supply dying is another story though. Hope for him that the polygons problems were caused by the power supply simply being out of specs. If that's the case, that would be a very easy problem to fix. (Replace power supply and both problems are gone) But as far as I'm concerned, the polygons problem is bad memory, or bad GPU. No easy fix for any of them... (and not common either).

Bodyboarder_VGamer3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

The PS3 has a built-in power supply. So I think you're talking about, replacing the power cable?

caliblue153293d ago

He's an admin at my forums, so I can tell you, he had a 20gb PS3, stored on a TV stand shelf all by itself.

Real Gambler3293d ago

It's relatively easy to do, and they are relatively cheap, particularly if you order them from Hong Kong. Open cover, pull two connectors, and voilà... Cheaper than getting it replaced by Sony themselves and your PS3 never have to leave home!

caliblue153293d ago

Problem with that Real Gambler, is if that isn't the issue, or just one of many issues...

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badz1493293d ago

but he's right about making data backup more often! I had my PS3 YLoD on me and I was crapped out because I had never back up anything! I was lucky to find video guide on how to fix it and tried fixing it myself voila, I got my PS3 back with all my data still there! it's pretty damn quick and easy! although this is only for those who are out of warranty! but now, just in case, I always backup after playing!

3293d ago
foreverflame3293d ago

Buy a 360 and dump that ps3 in the trash can dumbass

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