Four new Lost Planet screens

Four new screenshots of Lost Planet. And, like everything else about this game, they are beautiful.

This 360 exclusive seems to add a real strong new system selling game to the growing next gen gaming line up for the coming months and the holiday season.

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Gamer135799d ago

This is 1 of the best looking game on the 360, and it looks totally next gen, this game is on top of my Most Wanted list.
Can,t Wait to play it.


achira5799d ago (Edited 5799d ago )

best looking game ? is this all the xbox360 can offer ? and dont forget it this game is from a japanese developer. so you must refuse this game, because you dont like japanese ppl !!!

THAMMER15799d ago

I play the demo every day. GRAW is classic but it still dose not look better than lost planet. I own a full HD projector, not a projection TV an actual DLP projector. To make a long story short my screen is about 7-8 feet tall or wide and out side the screen can reach 30 feet. This game looks awesome really really awesome I whish I could show you guys a pic of how awesome it looks on the wall in my den. The explosions are awesome the sound is A+. I feel sorry for kids refusing to play the360. This is a sad time for gaming. But this game rocks.

silent ninja5799d ago

aren't you the one who complains about xbox fans coming to ps3 section, you no better than them. i sense jealosy in you b/c the game is not coming to ps3

and don't force words into ppl's mouth no one said they don't like japanese ppl

...speaking of offers look in you own barkyard and look at what the ps3 has offerd abosulitely gabbage...before you come trash talking

THAMMER15799d ago

But I do not pay him any mind. You should not either. All he wants is attention. If you give it to him he will reflame.

heihoosilver5799d ago

he should change is nick to Ashit because he always says sh.ts, he must be a [email protected] I have the demo and all i can say is this game is awesome.

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