Ten Games Featuring Remarkable Art Direction

Art direction can make or break a game of any genre; while a title can be vastly successful sporting generic visuals, it happens often, only those games with visionary art direction are able to elicit strong emotional responses from it's players. Anything to draw game design away from the hum drum of the gray and brown color pallets over populating today's titles. Be it a unique visual style or animation quirks they can all bring a game to life vastly amplifying the atmosphere and mood for the player's enjoyment.

The following masterpieces are all compelling and powerful examples of superb art direction in games. To make this list each game must evoke a certain unique feeling conveyed, with tact and flair, to the gamer. They must be a treat for the eyes, making the player look twice and possibly stop just to examine the detail in their surroundings. Now, without further ado, enjoy the following 10 titles their styles as varied as the games themselves.

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