Check Out Epic Mickey Enemy

The sketch was done by a character artist at developer Junction Point and shows the first good look at an in-game enemy. Mickey also makes an appearance.

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NateNater3603d ago

This game's gonna be EPIC! Too bad it's a Wii exclusive. It would be nice to see mickey on PS3 or 360

woolley3603d ago

Yeah it would. And i think there is still a chance that it will go Multi-platform

Smacktard3603d ago

Doubtful. Especially when the game is tailored around the idea of painting. The game sounds completely suited to the precision of the Wiimote.

woolley3603d ago

But the PS3 and 360 both have motion controls coming out next year so you never know.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3603d ago

But to revamp the graphics from Wii standards to PS3/X360 quality would cost a lost of money!

kunit22c3603d ago

natal would not be good for this.. how would you choose when you start or stop painting? or even better yet, how would you move? Just the fact that you think this could even remotely work with natal is mind boggling, only the PS3 and Wii's motion controllers are good for this game (and just games in general)

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kunit22c3603d ago

I was wondering when you and your fanboyism would come back, I havn't seen you in a while, or we could have just been on different posts, but anyways whatever, its nice to see a well known Wii hater trolling Wii articles again :)

militant073602d ago

i never stopped vsiting N4G, i dont comment much.

i got wii i bought it becasue i though the motion cool, played it for 2 days then got board,

got 7 games only 1 completed (Resident Evil 4)
couldnt complete more, the wii just lack so many next genration feature

monkey6023603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I dont know anything about this game but I'd love it to be a coloured representation of that sketch. Something different, almost 2D like Prince of Persia for example. I can imsgine it just looking like every other half @ss 3D child's platform game though. (blocky with, few textures)

EDIT: Yep just realised it's Wii exclusive. My hopes are beginning to get dashed already

NecrumSlavery3603d ago

Wii is a fail. What a waste of a great idea.

micro_invader3603d ago

Epic drawing is epic.

Seriously, I wish I could draw like that.

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