CSM: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

You don't need to know anything about 2007's impressive Uncharted: Drake's Fortune to appreciate the even better UNCHARTED 2: AMONG THIEVES, but the story reintroduces Nathan Drake, a scruffy-looking treasure hunter who accepts a daring mission to locate a legendary jewel, once in Marco Polo's possession, which is said to hold mysterious powers. Played from a third-person perspective, Drake's adventures take him through multiple environments, such as snowy Himalayan mountaintops and dangerous Nepalese streets, as well as indoor environments that require stealth. Objectives are as exciting as they are varied: finding a way into a building by scaling its walls; taking down mercenaries with guns and grenades (while taking cover to avoid their relentless gunfire); and jumping across deep chasms and fast-moving train cars.

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Dutch Boogie3595d ago

Another perfect score? keep them coming people.

nix3595d ago

this and demon's souls is making everyone who owns a PS3 happy... q:

lordkemp0073595d ago

Another 100%

Only on PS3

suck on that you filthy x botters.

clintos593595d ago

Even Edge will find it hard to low blow this game because this is a game that can DEFINATELY make edge a laughing stock of the gaming industry like gamereactor is. I expect no less then a 9 from Edge & wouldnt be suprised if they gave it a PERFECT score for all the BIAS scores they have given PS3 Exclusives.

mastiffchild3595d ago

Wouldn't Edge have reviewed it by now if they were going to? Maybe this is a new move from them-just ignore a PS3 game if it's meta is too high for them to do much about?

Whatever, I certainly expected their 7/10 to have been in by now! Maybe they're just trying to come up with a conmvincing reason behind a REALLY low score for it, who knows? Very late now though.

Ravage273595d ago

The 21/20 score that french mag gave out could have inspired them, i bet those xbots are debating if it is worth the backlash.

Don't expect anything above a 8 from Edge, it's all about bringing down the metacritic for them.