Pay what you like for World of Goo

Exquisite puzzle game World of Goo is one year old today! To celebrate, developers 2D Boy are encouraging potential players to purchase the PC version for whatever price they deem fit for the next week. Be it a penny or a million pounds, World of Goo is available for any donation you see fit.

For anyone who has yet to try out the game, this is an unmissable opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. Easily in Resolution's top-however-many favourite games of 2008, it's a gorgeously creative indie adventure with fiendish, but always sensible, puzzles.

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yog-sothot4115d ago

World of Goo is a great game.

Do not hesitate to get it... And don't hesitate to donate something, it's really worth a few dollars/euros

Carl14124115d ago

I just bought it.

One great british penny well spent

MelaDarkwood4115d ago

This is a great game, I would spend another $5 on it if I didn't already have it! It's worth $10 or even $15, I would say. Take advantage of this and donate a few dollars! =)