Mega64: PSPgo Uses UMDs?

Mega64 just tried to insert a UMD in to the PSP Go.

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pphoenix3596d ago

In typical sony style the onslaught on customers is taken to the main stream, thank Sony.

If the PSP Go, actually takes off you can kiss goodbye to ownership of all your games & say hello to Sony's wet dream of anti-consumer licensing forcing everyone to purchase new titles only!

Bend over for sony & their anti-consumer PSP Go as you are now:

NOT allowed to trade your games,

NOT allowed to lend your games,

NOT allowed to sell your games,

NOT even allowed to give your games away for free.

with this anti consumer move Sony has rendered all software purchases worthless.

anh_duong3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

you do know that sony hasn't discontinued the psp 3000?? you have choice to buy a psp which supports umd and a psp that doesn't support umd.

you do know that alot of ps3 psn games and dlc actually allow gamesharing. some games you can share out to 5 users. as far as i am aware sony is the only company that lets you do this.

Fishy Fingers3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

It's not only Sony, why do you think so many companies are pushing digital downloads or offering extra content to gamers who buy new copies of games.

Either your ill informed and think this is something new, or your just moaning for the sake of it. But get used to it, the major producers/developers are all making a push to this type of format. More money more money.

Ever hear of the Apple App store? Perhaps Steam/Direct2Drive/EA store/360 games on demand and so on?.

yippie1234y3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

did you really just destroy a psp for a few hits?

at least the kid who destroyed his ps3 did it in front of a line of people who wanted it.

3596d ago
ZombieAutopsy3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

games on demand says hi

It seems more companies are wanting to offer digital distribution and in time im sure that it will become more mainstreaM.

Karum3596d ago

Sony aren't forcing you to do anything lol.

They're supporting the PSP 3000 just as much as the PSP Go.

It'll be a long long time before we get to a point were the majority don't want physical media and as long as the demand for a physical media is there then the product will be too.

Wee bit harsh for you to exclusively condemn Sony for digital distribution when others have been doing it for a long time already.

You gonna just abandon consoles altogether if DD takes off and MS start pushing Games on Demand a lot more? What about anything published by EA? Anything publishers put on Steam or Direct2Drive?

I think you're just complaining for the sake of it.

Mr Logic3596d ago

what a waste of a console.

pphoenix3596d ago

@ ZombieAutopsy

that's the plan to push this anti-consumer licensing main stream & remove our rights.

@ Karum

sony are only supporting UMD for now they will switch to anti-consumer licensing as soon as possible as then sony block all second hand game sales generating millions from people that use to swap games with their school friends.

BTW the sony public relations line of steam & DD is utter bull, following anti-consumer is no excuse for sony to take away gamers rights & DD/steam is not exactly main stream.

sony could allow us to send titles to our friends but they choose anti-consumer instead, so ask the question of what is the goal of blocking trading games?

Eddie201013596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

For the last few years now The Fanboys have been saying everything is
going digital distribution because Microsoft was saying it was, now that Sony has made the initiative with the PSPgo The Fanboys are acting like its the end of the world.

We know why The Fanboys were saying that digital distribution is the future, mostly to try and hurt or influence the sales of Blu-Ray, now there saying the opposite to hurt the PSPgo sales.

Do remember that digital distribution of games has been going on for years now with Steam, Apple Store, And Direct to Drive without a Fanboy stink said about it for the most part.

Sony has given people a choice if they want a PSP, you can buy a PSP 3000 or a PSPgo, they both have there strengths and weaknesses but you still have a choice.

We've seen similar BS with PS3 and Xbox 360 graphics. When web sites do a third party game comparison between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game, if the Xbox 360 version has slightly better graphics The Fanboys gloat that the Xbox 360 version is always better but when a PS3 exclusive proves that the PS3 can do better looking and running games on the PS3 than can be done on Xbox 360 they say graphics don't matter. Typical of a certain type of Fanboy.

ZombieAutopsy3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

ur just tryin to start sh1t, u know u can still by physical media right??? and im sure you will be able to for a long time. I dont say this word very often but you sir are a NOOB

What about steam, theyve been doing it for years and years, what about the ps store or xbla they have been doing it for years.

Blaze9293596d ago

wow, IGN editors must be rolling in cash to have money to blow. And that Kitchen was looking pretty fancy.

Noob3596d ago

I'm going to assume you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years. Same with the 10 people that agreed with you.

XBL, PSN, iPod app store, steam, and any DD service all says hello.

TheBand1t3596d ago

Wasn't Microsoft claiming DD is the future?

Doesn't the iPod, Zune, and other handheld devices feature pure DD?

Why is Sony suddenly the bad guy for this?

Elven63596d ago

Blaze929: Mega64 is independent,they don't work for IGN, they just have a deal with them.

It might seem all fun and games but this does bring up a good point, I bet there will be parents this Christmas season who either buy PSP Go's and UMD games or UMD games for their kids who have a PSP Go.

badz1493596d ago

this is the 2nd time I read about the exact same post in 5 minutes from you and I think that you won't stop are you? yeah keep copy+paste this comment to every PSP Go! related article, you moron! at the time people are embracing Bluray, all you people say was "buh buh buh..DD" and now that Sony is stepping up DD with Go! you guys say "buh buh buh...physical media ownership" and so on! HYPOCRITES!

SuperM3596d ago

lol "anticonsumer licencing" did you make that word up yourself?

Oh sony is so mean that they allow me to share all the games i buy on PSN with my brother who also owns a PSP. If i bought them on UMD we would have to buy 2 games. Also games on PSN is almost always cheaper then in stores, atleast where i live.

If this anticonsumer licensing stuff means getting games cheaper and being able to share the games with my friends then i say bring more of it.

Kizwiz63596d ago

Its bad enough they still have one stupid analog stick but to get rid off the UMD? Why didn't they just keep it on for the people who wanted to use their old psp games but give people the option to download games (for the people who don't want to carry them)

stevenhiggster3596d ago


Shut up ya hippy! There taking away our rights man!

You still have a choice, and personally I prefer digital downloads. I don't trade my games in because you get peanuts for them anyway, plus it's so much easier to buy games when I don't have to get my lazy ass off the couch, and because there is no middle man (read robbing bas***d retailers), in theory the games should be cheaper.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3596d ago

lol, you typed exactly what I was thinking, the bias the industry has against Sony; damned if you do damned if you don't, lol. What’s even funnier Microsoft is talking about digital download only services while Sony is in a better position to do so despite the fact that Sony is pushing physical media a little bit more for their Blu-ray.

pain777pas3596d ago

You don't have to buy it. I am playing tetris on my 2000 right now output on my LCD. I don't like UMD's so I'm glad they gave me the choice for some smaller downloadable games to play on the older models as well as the new model that you don't really need if you already have one. What a waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!

justpassinggas3596d ago

I'd like your crystal ball, please.

whothedog3595d ago

Starving kids out there and they are wasting money on bad humor, that video cost them over $300!

Won't somebody please think of the children!

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user8586213596d ago

I Just Ordered The White One Wooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Now Dat Sexy Lil Fing Will Be In Me Hands :P

Raf1k13596d ago

There's a white one? O_O

trancefreak3596d ago

I got a white 1 last week its very nice choice :)

user8586213596d ago

canceled ma order......... but wait i went to the stores n got it lol

OMG The white 1 is sooooooooooo sexy!!! :O just downloadin gran turismo, rock band and pixel junk monsters :D

Lucreto3596d ago

That is one expensive joke

Buying and breaking a PSP Go for a video.

It makes me sad for some reason.

anh_duong3596d ago

just think of all those starving kids in africa

Lucreto3596d ago

That actually makes be feel better. /jk

Sangria3596d ago

There have been worse, with the smashmy* series. So you have a smashmy* website where visitors make donations to the site in order to buy a * and crush it in front of everyone.
*Xbox 360:

Sarcasm3596d ago

"just think of all those starving kids in africa "

I know. They would freak out too if they didn't know the PSPgo didn't have a UMD drive.


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gamesR4fun3596d ago

giving em free stuff

give to another review site that will at least pass it to a fan...

Elven63596d ago

Mega64 is not IGN owned, they are independent, they only have a partnership deal where IGN gets to publish their videos first before they do themselves.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3596d ago

...i can't get my old VHS Tapes into my PS3!!! WTF!!! ;-D


ChrisW3596d ago

We are sad to inform you that VHS was not an exclusive Sony product. Only the vastly superior in quality Betamax is compatible with the PS3. We are certain that with you being an honorary member of the Sony Socialist Republic that you still have a vast library of Betamax and would have never gone against the Fuhrer's wish to NOT own any VHS.

Hail Fuhrer Kaz Hirai and the Sony Socialist Republic!