AAA Shoot-out; why Uncharted 2 wins over MW2, others…

From PS3 Attitude: "Hello dear readers, and welcome to the first of a very special series of articles.

Remember back in the misty days following the release of the PS3, we were all looking for those elusive triple-A titles? There were some great launch titles, sure. But very few 'AAA' ones.

Now it seems that there is rarely a month that goes by without some sort of massive release. As we come careening towards Christmas and crashing into 2010, this trend looks set to skyrocket. We don't know about you, but we certainly won't be able to afford all the big releases on day one.

So what's a gamer to do when forced to choose just one blockbuster from the myriad options coming out over the next few months?

Join me as I put my case forward for what will – without question – be hailed as the best game of the year and the sequel to one of my all-time favourite games ever…"

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hazardman3600d ago

I just hope this game sells..Gamers need to support this great franchise..

nix3600d ago

well... MW2 has lot to live up to. it can't be just a rehash of MW1. it's got to deliver on story. it's got to deliver on better gameplay... and a lot more.

and yeah.. UC2 need to sell. and i'll bet getting one for sure! q:

Ravage273600d ago

and i set them pretty high

sikbeta3600d ago

Why Uncharted 2 wins over MW2 -> Because is AWESOME

ZBlacktt3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

To be honest here. I started the 2nd open beta of UC2 online not knowing what to expect. I'm a long time MGO ( Metal Gear Online ) player. So I knew it would be 3rd person. I found myself liking this online game more and more as I played it and got used to the games objectives. I became so hooked, that within the week and a half the demo was open. I made it to level 33 and racked up just over $1,000,000 points.

Now COD on the other hand for me has gotten way old. I mean, there nothing left for me to feel excited about. It's FPS play is like tunnel vision for me. The small maps with player's just tossing random nades in the air is so old. All the fast killing and dying has zero appeal. The game has objectives, yet it so incredibly fast pasted that I have zero emotional connection with this game at all. This new COD for me is just a buy for the game itself and the online with it's few added features seems like a map pack release. Yet, the same old style and same old game play from 2 years ago.

What I found that UC2 brings to the table in game like itself ( 3rd person ). Is that it's no longer just a level fighting field of playing. You have player's climbing all over the damn place. Hiding up in buildings, ledges, under roof walk ways, etc. It's going places that you can only get to by climbing ( i.e. no stairs ). The Co-Op is something that appealed to me more than the all out player's battles online. Something not found in most other online games.

Plus, if any of you have seen the video put out by ND on there online game. The game is constantly monitored for better game play. It can be fixed, altered from there command center office. There is no game patches to update on or download, etc. It's all done in house and we will never know it was done at all. Until we notice the change's that is. There is DLC already in the works. So the game is going to be fresh for a few years to come.

So in the end. I'm getting UC2 today because it does have the stunning graphics masterpiece single player game. It also has something new and adventurous in the online. Just something I find more refreshing to play with online with my time. I am not the drone type to sit there and run to a game like a heard of cattle because everyone else is playing it. I've grown past that in my history of video gaming. I want quality over quantity which is something UC2 easily does over COD, easily. Sells mean nothing to me as I like all of you are the consumer. Let the Dev's be happy about there sells.