Army Of Two Producer: Retailers Hate Sony

Army Of Two: The 40th Day Producer, Matte Turner, in a recent interview with PLAY magazine, reckons that retailers must "hate them", after the recent release of its download-only PSPgo.

Turner also reckons the whole "download only thing is very cool", pointing to the fact that the end of discs is potentially far closer than we think, he goes on "It's all going that way and Sony is going that way early. I'm sure [retailers aren't] very impressed, but I think it's cool and we'll see how it does".

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N4G king3595d ago

i cant see this guy's point

the same games (new) are going out in UMD's too
and the old PSP's are still on sale

and PSPgo is not a replacement
its a new choice

pphoenix3595d ago

It's sony testing how stupid customers are & if they are ready to give up their right of ownership in favor of sony's preferred model of the end of the second hand market.

Bend over for sony & their anti consumer PSP Go as you are now:

NOT allowed to trade your games,

NOT allowed to lend your games,

NOT allowed to sell your games,

NOT even allowed to give your games away for free.

Not allowed to even give you games away when you sell your PSP Go as it is tied to your PSN account, when you sell your PSP Go you are ordered by sony to format the system or face legal proceedings.

Of course sony could be pro-consumer by allowing us all to trade, lend, give our games away for free & even sell them via a FREE transfer programme, but sony would rather sell everyone a new copy from their store that holds the monopoly over pricing.

the sony bloggers will argue that you still have a choice with the psp 3000, but this is only temporary, sony will no doubt switch to digital "stab us in the ***" distribution asap.

the other argument is steam, sorry sony the "they were anti consumer first" is not an excuse.

Persistantthug3595d ago

I do think you have a point.

Digital only copies of games suck. The only game I have that's a DL'd copy is of FAT PRINCESS.

I hate the idea that I can't trade or sell MY own copy to someone on Craigslist or something. It's mine and I want to do with it what I want and it is true, Sony has always wanted this type of control over their products.

That said, Sony makes and has very good products.

Motion3595d ago

But the days of "owning" a piece of software are pretty much over. All consumers do now is purchase the rights to use it, and digital distribution basically keeping anyone but the original seller from being able to sell those rights. I know, semantics, but that's the way software companies look at it...just read any EULA's.

Rhythmattic3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

You all above are right.

Lets put it in context, Sony or No Sony, MS, Google, the entire computing world is looking at Digital Downloads....

It wont happen overnight, but it will happen.

Just stand back and think for a moment, Cloud computing, its where it ends....

They will be no app on your local Machine, but run via the interweb.

Who the hell wants their personal documents stored on a server (and noobs are all ready doing this) while we all will eventually be paying for the use of an app per hour?

I dont like it.

Damn, i'm blabbing on, however, maybe you see my concern.


Look at iPhone. Retailers sell the product, then users buy apps from the online iTunes store.... Who's complaining ?

Come to think of it, maybe its because EB Games cant trade a new game in and make a 250% mark up on it.

MNicholas3595d ago

and, as a software developer, he likes sticking it to the retailers.

SupaPlaya3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

they don't hate the PSP Go. They just hate someone is starting the trend of digital downloads on something they previously profit off of.

IPODs and IPhone on the other hand didn't have any software or disk based content that they sold prior to their introduction. They do sell they ITunes store card which the stores profit off of I would assume. No retail store claims they hate the IPhone/IPods.

That's a similar reason why people are upset at the Activison CEO for increasing the game price in one region. Because he is starting a trend we don't like.

Can you share XBLA games on a 360?
Can you share a song legally on an IPOD?
Can you share a game or an app you downloaded off of the apple app store?
Can you sell your song on your IPOD?

Yes this is a trend that Sony is starting DD with their PSP but as stated they are not the first to do it. That's like saying screw music download now you can't share or sell your CDs! This is a trend/progression as the Internet speed increases. There are advantage in DD vs media too. For example:

No more lost or scratched disk problems
Lower manufacturing cost/distribution cost COULD mean lower game cost

"but this is only temporary, sony will no doubt switch to digital "stab us in the ***" distribution asap."

As long as the PSP3000 is still available I don't think your argument is valid. May be your post has more weight on the day Sony makes the PSP GO the only model available. As long as disk based media is still an option, people have the choice. If they are totally taking that away, then I would agree with you.

Foliage3595d ago

If it fails, everyone will jump all over Sony. If it succeeds, everyone will jump all over Sony, Microsoft will ripoff the idea and get the credit for the "innovation". Sony can't win either way.

likedamaster3595d ago

I'm all for digital download, just not for overpriced glorified iPods.

Foliage3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

@ SupaPlaya

I see you managed to forget PSN, Sony Connect, etc.

Granted, Sony weren't the first to introduce Digital Downloads, but it would be foolish to think that the PSP Go was their first attempt.

Also, the cable company has been doing this for quite some time with Pay Per View. Which is sort of where this all began.

SupaPlaya3595d ago

The reason I brought those up is to show Sony is not the first to try DD, and DD is not necessarily a bad thing for some people with the game sharing feature on PSN.

The only bad thing would be the lack of choice should DD be the only option in the future.

BrianC62343595d ago

Can't retailers just sell cards with download codes on them too? I think that would be the best way to keep them happy. I'm sure some people still don't want to use their credit card on a gaming system. Sell cards you can buy in the store. Parents can give them to their kids for Christmas or something.

Foliage3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

@ SupaPlaya

That's what I figured. It's just the problem with N4G is that people tend to run off thinking almost anything is a fact. I didn't want people to see your comment and think that Microsoft started DD with XBLA or that Apple started it with itunes. They, much like Sony, didn't start it either. The market has been moving towards this direction for some time. It just seems drastic now, because customers are now starting to no longer have a choice. Iphone Apps and the PSPgo can only get content in one way, granted you could get a regular PSP.

ThanatosDMC3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Eventually, small to medium sized games will go digital... by that i mean less than 10gb. I'm using PS3 games as a standard not those multiplat games either.

Cant wait for downloadable PS2 games and more classic PS1 games. Though they are releasing those remade PS2 games on bluray but they have been upgraded.

infamous_273594d ago

PSP 3000- PSP go

is like

disc walkmans- ipod

Raz3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Another 'meh' article spiced up with a flamebait title.

We won't see the beginning of the cloud computing era until the Internet is connected, high-speed and dirt-cheap everywhere. And it isn't, yet.

Good for Sony jumping on early, but IMHO it's a little premature. All the more so because the PSP never really caught on either. I use my iTouch more often.

..iTouch? What am I saying - ok, cloud computing is here. But it's still premature, darn it!

SuperM3594d ago

People who agree with pphoenix are braindead. Every PSN game i buy i keep stored on my PS3 harddrive and i can copy over to any PSP i want. If i had 20 psp's i would only have to buy 1 game and not have to buy 20 different copies. If you dont want to keep it on your harddrive then you can still download it 5 more times.

How is that anti consumer? If i bought a game i wanted to play with my brother on UMD id have to buy 2 umds. instead i can buy 1 digital copy. Also gamers are usually cheaper on the PSN because you dont have to pay the dudes in the retail stores. That is also good for consumers.

f7897903594d ago

Physical is always better. :D

spacetattoo823594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )


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heroicjanitor3595d ago

Are they going to cry at everybody when that happens? And why aren't they b*tching at apple for giving download only games? It's not like sony is only selling psp gos, they are still selling psp 3000s

Ju3595d ago

Actually, retail sells PSN coupon cards. I don't understand what's the big deal. You can go out an buy a game coupon (and download the game from PSN with the coupon - code) or you buy an UMD. How is retail loosing here ?

Darkeyes3595d ago

@hero... The only reason there is no backlash for Apple is cause it never had any physical form of medium for it's games/apps. Even if the distributors backlashed, Apple doesn't give sh!t, since it's never going to resort to physical medium to sell it's apps/games.

This backlash is not cause of PSPgo... It's cause the retailers fear that this could ignite the so called 'Digital distribution' future rendering middle party useless and jobless....

I usually support Sony for it's consoles, but they should have given a UMD slot in the Go as well along with the choice to buy digital games..

But one thing this proves is that M$ so called dream of ditching DVDs and going entirely digital for the next Xbox is really going to be protested against..... Guess they eventually WILL have to fall on to Blu-Ray.

MiloGarret3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Because they don't get the same amount of profit from selling coupons as they do from selling umd's, maybe? (I'm asking, I don't actually know)

OR, more likely: because not all pspgo-owners are 14 year old kids and have their own credit card? hence making coupons, and retailers, unnecessary...

EDIT: I don't mean Sony's behaviour is wrong though, I actually think its quite clever, they're eliminating the middle-hand, more power to Sony. Too bad for consumers though.

Ju3594d ago

Retail certainly looses a portion to people directly buying from the PSN. But the coupons should make it much easier for retail. Nothing to worry about (can't break), reduces shelf space (=cheaper in on the floor), etc. So, yeah, the loose a bit there, and win a bit otho. Also, I would expect Sony to give them a somewhat higher margin on the cards (less costs compared to disks - but here I am the optimist. Its hard business, maybe not). All in all, retail has nothing to complain about. If so, I can understand second hand stores. They are hit hard.

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McLuvn3595d ago

Have no problem selling Ipods or other Mp3 players though.

Persistantthug3595d ago

Because the majority of the world is not set up for ultra fast broadband yet and that won't happen for some time to come.

Sarcasm3595d ago

True that.

This whole PSPgo thing is so overblown it's ridiculous.

lamerzard3595d ago

What's this? Secondhand games are unethical? Since when?

Have they been to a library lately? Full of games.

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