Japanese Retail Employee: Xbox 360 has been abandoned

Gamesthirst: Since the Xbox 360 was released in Japan, the the journey has been a rocky one to say the least. For some reason, the Japanese never gravitated to Microsoft's console like some thought they would. Even after four long years, only 1.1 million units have been sold. It's a tough outlook for the Xbox 360 in Japan and recently a Japanese retail employee echoed that same sentiment on his personal blog.

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droid and bot3601d ago

"Japanese Retail Employee: Xbox 360 has been abandoned"

wow thats bold
i don't think MS is happy

and the new FF and GT are not even OUT !!!!!!
those are killer apps in japan
just like mario and pokemon


zeeshan3601d ago

It's GAME OVER for M$ in Japan already :)

Darkeyes3601d ago

360 is dead in Japan... The sooner M$ accepts the fact and pulls out, the better. They might use the money used for marketing 360s in Japan for better purposes, like investing in more 3rd party... I feel M$ will try one last time to see if Natal does something for them there.... Other wise, expect them to pull out soon.

AAACE53601d ago

I hate to sound like one of those Ps3 fanboys, but MS needs to create some different games to attract more attention to themselves. As of right now, I only plan to pick up CoD MW 2 for the 360 this year... and maybe Forza 3. I honestly think I will be having too much fun playing Uncharted 2 for right now!

Halo will only get MS so far. They have RARE and those franchises, I don't understand why we haven't seen a Conker, Jet force gemini game from them yet! Instead they have them focusing on Natal, which isn't bad, but history has shown that you have to have one of those colorful kind of goofy characters as your mascot in order to draw in more attention. Nintendo has Mario and Sony has Ratchet and MS has...???

I thought this holiday season would be like last year, but with a bunch of games getting pushed into next year, I think it will be a pretty tame season. With most of the sales going to Modern warfare 2, Uncharted 2 and ODST.

3601d ago
4Sh0w3601d ago

Microsoft will not even remotely consider giving up in Japan.

360 is already more successful than its predeccessor.

Just like any one retailer commenting on ps3 or psp's futuree here in the US things can change for any platform, 360 has had decent weeks in Japan from time to time, and consoles in general havent exactly blazed the charts in japan consistently.

360 is clearly has a uphill climb in Japan but its about more than sales, by showing the will to stick it out in japan encourages continued japanese dev support. Games like Magna Carta2 are still being released first on 360 in japan.

ThanatosDMC3601d ago

Maybe more bashing and chest thumping would help... oh wait... they've been doing that.

IaMs123601d ago

Ok MS Stop investing SOO much in japan and start investing into games ALL around.

I see PS3 as Japan
as Xbox is to America

Xiru3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

@ 1.7

That would make sense if 360 were beating PS3 in America, but PS3 is beating 360 weekly in America as well.

IaMs123601d ago

the 360 was beating the PS3 in Japan for a month straight before, but look at it right now. The Xbox last i heard was 6-7 million units ahead in America just like the PS3 is in Japan. So i think i will stick with my statement. Im sure the numbers have shrunk down the gap but when you look at it the 360 dominates in America, because americans are stupid mindless gamers who know nothing about anything :) /sarcasm Im american i have the right to say that :)

Oh P.S. I guess we are pretty dumb we gave the Nobel prize to our president, im sorry but WHAT! He didnt do anything except talk! oh thats what he got it for. Give me the podium ill talk your ears off. See im doing it now

spacetattoo823601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )




timzone3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Last time I checked, the Nobel prizes were not awarded by Americans. Better get a good proof reader before you step up to the podium.

IaMs123600d ago

Yah my mistake but that still doesnt make any difference in my statement. I could still get up there and talk like he talks, many people in the world have done more and they get NO recoginition. To be truthfully honest, i think they are giving him far too much credit just because he is the first black president. Im not racists but look at it, if America did not elect him our country would be labeled as racist and if we hate him racist or dont like our views. I freaking hate it how people think *racism* if a black man doesnt choose a mexican or a white man doesnt choose the black. Hell i dont care if he is freaking purple, elect the best of the best, and Obama im sorry is not. Neither is McCann But in MY opinion is the lesser of the 2 evils

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N4G king3601d ago

"Japanese Retail Employee: Xbox 360 has been abandoned"

i think maybe because heaters are cheaper now in Japan
or maybe its not cold in here

oh wait
i think its because they dont want ovens they already got them
alot of possibilities

Feral Gamer3601d ago

In other news, water is wet.

Sarcasm3601d ago

And Paris Hilton isn't a virgin.

zeeshan3601d ago

Nahhh.. you mean she IS a virgin followed by "/sarcasm" :)

SupaPlaya3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

is the most trusted news source, just like FOX.

To below
Hm... I was just trying to state the obvious like the OP...

likedamaster3601d ago

Sarcasm, ironically screwed the joke up.

Syronicus3601d ago

I think you missed the point here. This particular thread is about sarcasm. Your comment rings more truth than sarcasm. Sorry...

IaMs123601d ago

And were suppose to trust guys with avatar pictures like yours?

cheapndirty3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

In other news American burger flipper confirm confirms that the slim sold very well in September.

This is news?

Everyone that reads this is dumber now. Me included. is going downhill. I think I am done with this site.

Syronicus3601d ago

If you can't trust the Joker... Who can you trust?

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loveexists3601d ago

well, what can one say? Hope things work out

Syronicus3601d ago

How about pull out? Those are two words MS should accept and perform. Rather than putting money towards a dying region, they could pour that money into development for Europe and North America. Japan does not appreciate the 360 and for good reason. It is a western console that suffers from a huge failure rate. Sorry, but all the Lost Odysseys and Blue Dragons or FFXIII's in the world won't save them in Japan.

loveexists3601d ago

no need to claim the system's been ababdoned