Saving Private Ryan's Robert Rodat attached to write Warcraft flick

Director man Sam Raimi has revealed the 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'The Patriot' screenwriter, Robert Rodat, is going to be crafting "an original story" for Warcraft.

Raimi says they'll be "really faithful" to the game lore, he wants it "accurate and true" to Azeroth's inhabitants. So gold farmers confirmed? It will feel like a "'World of WarCraft' adventure."

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JamieReleases3598d ago

That's good news, hopefully he can create the first good video game film adaptation.

Resident Evil films have been the best so far :)

AngryFork3598d ago

Silent Hill and the first Mortal Kombat beg to differ. Obviously MK is cheesy as hell now but it's still a classic. And Silent Hill wasn't scary but I thought it was a decent adaption to the game, where most flat out suck.

Resident Evil had like nothing to do with the game at all other than the zombies/monsters. I think Bioshock will be the first good game adaption, its being written by the guy who wrote The Aviator and Gladiator.

Leio3598d ago

"Saving private Ryan" story wasnt that good...

Handhelds_FTW3598d ago

By far has been the best, its so good that its almost like watching someone play a Silent Hill Game.

They go as far as to use the game soundtrack in the film.

ReservoirDog3163598d ago

Actually, the best video game movie I've seen is Hitman. Not great but decent.

And think this through. It wasn't the writing that was good in SPR, it was the directing. So, don't hold much hope for this one.

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maniactadpole3598d ago

it set the benchmark for all other war movies.....the shaky cam etc......made the movie soooooo realistic

ReservoirDog3163598d ago

The directing (ie shakey cam) has nothing to do with the writing. The writing wasn't great in saving private ryan. Those things were all steven spielberg.

DiffusionE3598d ago

So which game is this gonna be based on? World of Warcraft or the Warcraft Trilogy? Personally, I'd like to see a story on the first arrival of the Undead, or maybe show the early years of Prince Arthas and what propelled him to become a Paladin at only 19.

I sincerely hope they don't do World of Warcraft story because to put it bluntly, WoW's story sucked in comparison to the Warcraft Trilogy storyline. I know WoW is the most popular MMORPG....blah blah...even I've played it lots of times before. But the story still sucks(as little as it has). The Warcraft trilogy, on the other hand, had breathtaking storyline and voice-acting which was one of the reasons it did well.