Assassin's Creed Limited Edition Announced

Loot Ninja received word today that an Assassin's Creed Limited Edition will be coming to a store near you. Scheduled for later this year, this is what you can expect from the LE:

* Specialized tin packaging
* A figurine of lead character Altair
* Penny Arcade comics
* A miniature strategy guide
* Assassin-themed short films and other various videos

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kingofps34258d ago

Hopefully, there will be a MGS4 Limited/Collectors Edition too :)

drunkpandas4258d ago

I don't see any reason there wouldn't be an LE for MGS4. It's an easy money maker

bootsielon4257d ago

Let's get milked! After all, the industry needs our money in exchange for gimmicks! Woo-hoo! Limited Editions FTW!

I hate Limited Editions. The only thing I would welcome would be getting the soundtrack of the game, and/or downloadable content out of the box which is worth more than I'm actually paying (but I deserve since I'm paying for it all upfront, instead of waiting to download it little by little).

BIadestarX4257d ago

Today is limited edition announcement date.

Antan4257d ago

Is your comment ltd edition blade? hehe, true what you say of course, im not too sure on all these ltd editions really.

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The story is too old to be commented.