PSM3: Brütal Legend review

There's a lot to love about Brütal Legend. From its quick-witted script and memorable cast of characters, to its brilliantly realized setting and diverse selection of missions. There's only one problem - the game itself isn't that great. If creator Tim Schafer didn't have such a talent for creating evocative worlds and arresting characters, we probably would have scored it a lot less.

But anything this imaginative and broad in scope should be celebrated, regardless of its technical shortcomings. Because, without games like this, we'd be lost in a sea of warehouses and foul-mouthed space marines. And it's for this reason that Brütal Legend is worthy of your time.

Overall Smart and fun, but flawed RTS bits and repetition let it down.

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Lucreto3598d ago

Wow the reviews are all over the place for this game. I look forward to it.

lh_swe3598d ago

This review is a bit of a let down.

But I believe in Tim Shafer so I'll get it despite this.