Canned 90's games from Maxis surface, SimCastle and SimMars

Gamers would have enjoyed two more Sim games back in the nineties if it hadn't of been for The Sims franchise, which has since conquered the globe. Castle and colonization.

SimCastle was intended for younger fans while SimMars was designed to use real-life NASA technology and theories to call the red planet our home away from home. We've been robbed!

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JamieReleases3598d ago

Would have loved to of seen Sim Castle :)

Jellzy3598d ago

Can't believe they cancelled these in favour of games like SimAnt?!

JamieReleases3598d ago

Agreed, these looked really good, not sure why they put them on hold. We'll never see them now anyway.

SuperStrokey11233598d ago

Sim mars looks awesome... wish they would let an indie developer make it or something. A cheap 10 buck game or something