Exercise bike for Nintendo Wii - full video demo

Plus remote control dumbells and Hollywood fitness gurus...

Bigben Interactive has unveiled the Cyberbike - the latest exercise (gamer-cise?) peripheral for the Nintendo Wii.

If you are a fan of virtual cycling and don't fancy any more yoga and hula-hooping with Nintendo's new Wii Fit Plus (out this Christmas) to fight off the inevitable new year flab in January then Big Ben's new bike for the Wii could well be just the ticket.

You can see the new peripheral (along with screenshots from the new game that is bundled with the kit) pictured here. Presumably you are also going to need plenty of room in your under-stairs cupboard to store it! (Unless you like your lounge looking like a gym).

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cRaZyLeGs 933599d ago

People need to learn they can do everything they do on the wii outdoors.

xTruthx3599d ago

well... this will help the overweight kids who don't like real biking i guess...

jjohan353599d ago

Nintendo is just milking their customers by charging nearly $100 for every accessory they sell. Why not sell better games for their system instead of forcing their customers to buy more and more additional accessories just to use their Wii? Next thing you know, we'll be having the Wii Bench Press, the Wii Elliptical, the Wii Rowing Machine, the Wii Pec Deck, etc.

crazy250003599d ago

....might was well get the real thing and exercise, put on some music, and enjoy.

SupaPlaya3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Rodeo for Ninteno Wii.

How about Wii Cook? Gotta love that pan and wok peripherals.

I think they would be waiting for the PS3 Motion Controller for that :P

JackBNimble3599d ago

And how much for this peripheral?

KillerPwned3599d ago

Jesus is the wii turning into a weight loss console.

gumgum993599d ago

Seems that way. I blame America for this.

bjornbear3599d ago

Anyone who's retarded enough to turn to video games for excecise and health....its sad =/

SixZeroFour3598d ago

yea, i always thought gaming was to get away from all that work and have fun (although i guess there are times when you can have fun somewhat exercising o_O )

id go out if i ever wanted to play sports (which i do occasionally, preferrably basketball) or exercise

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The story is too old to be commented.