ActionTrip: Brutal Legend Review

Earlier this year it was not clear if Brutal Legend would ever actually make it to the market. Had this happened gamers, would truly have missed a fun, visually unique and pleasing world that every mature player should enjoy, even with its limited short comings. However, other titles from Tim and company have also received similar compliments in the past and still garnered less than stellar sales when they were first released. Now is the chance for gamers to reward publishers for releasing quality titles by voting with their wallets. Brutal Legend is a game that may seem a bit different at first glance, but the important thing is that it's a labor of love and it's fun.

The variety of missions and humor mix well and should be enough to hook anyone. The professional voice acting allows you to enjoy the dialog and cut-scenes in a console title for once. If you don't want to take a chance on a game that seems a little off the beaten path, that's your loss. But as Twisted Sister (a consummate Butt Rock band) once said "I Wanna Rock!"

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