OXCGN's Steal It For 360 – Tales of Monkey Island Part 3: Lair Of The Leviathan

OXCGN decides if this PC game is worth having on the 360:

"This is essentially what Lair of Leviathan is all about; Threepwood must search the innards of the giant Manatee, meet some new and old friends, find the missing cochlea and find the La Esponja Grande and save the Caribbean from the Pox of Lechuck."

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gaminoz3624d ago

I'm glad that talking skull is back. I'd love to see the whole PC series on XBLA, or even a full retail version!

Andronix3624d ago

I haven't played Tales of Monkey Island yet. Is that screenshot a fan creation or do you actually get to see her in bikini in the game?!

XboxOZ3603624d ago

Yes, I'm starting to like this actually, over the last 3 parts I've come to like the characters . . seems like fun . .

Godem3624d ago

Gotta agree with the review, this episode feels much more like a mini game, than a proper game.

At least Murray provides some laughs

Lucreto3624d ago

Murray is always epic. I am glad he returned and I would love to see him again.

I am a huge fan of Monkey Island and if it is on the consoles I would buy it again.

cornfedgamer3624d ago

I think that anybody who enjoys playing these Monkey Island games they are also going to enjoy Brutal Legend. Tim Schafer's deadpan humor carry on into both titles.