Rumor: New Nintendo DS for Next Year

Soichiro Fukuda, analyst of Citigroup, thinks Nintendo is actually working on a new Nintendo DS model, really.

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butterfinger3599d ago

as it can still play my old DS games I will be happy. :)

gintoki7773599d ago

lots of rumors going around lately don't you think?

dragunrising3599d ago

Too soon... or I need to get over my early adopter syndrome. It seems like yesterday that I got a DSi (April launch) and PSP Go (launch) :-p Its exciting that the rumored processor is Tegra. This would mean that the new DS is faster than the Wii. Wow.

SpoonyRedMage3599d ago

Yer, that might seem like a problem to the average gamer but Nintendo probably wouldn't have a problem with the DS being more powerful than the Wii.

The main issue is affordability, if they can afford to have it at that power and still make a profit from day one that's what they'll do and the portable market is Nintendo's main market, compare their DS releases to their Wii releases.

I personally think that a new DS will be unveiled next year but I don't think it will arrive until at least 2011.

Iceman1003599d ago

why? what do they think this is a psp?

darthv723599d ago

at the least it will support flash lite/8 which already makes it better than the current ds/psp.

f7897903599d ago

The new DS better play videos or I will lose all hope in Nintendo. (again)

Neo Nugget3599d ago

Not going to buy this. I just got a psp go and a DSi in the past 6 months. I think I'm set for a few years.

Anorexorcist3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Now my sister is going to be nagging me for this new model around the time I'm going to be putting money aside for FFXIII, God of War 3, and Gran Turismo 5.

Watch the new model feature nothing more than a new side compartment that little girls can carry their chapstick in.

f7897903599d ago

Oh god, you didn't give it a DS did you?

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