Ati Radeon HD 5770 reviewed: DirectX 11 Mid-Range at PCGH

Another review of the Radeon HD 5770 from PC Games Hardware. They ran benchmarks in Crysis Warhead, Stalker: Clear Sky, Far Cry 2, GTA 4 and several other games. They also checked the loudness, temperatures and power consumption as well as the OC of the graphics card.

According to their conclusion the 4870 is a little cheaper and faster than the HD 5770 but the new card offers better features like DirectX 11, Supersampling Anti Aliasing and Eyefinity (Multi monitoring).

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Nihilism3598d ago

the only important thing this article told me is how bad value the 5870's are

less than a 30 frame AVERAGE, not even minimum. at 1680*1050 with 4aa in crysis warhead

compared to a gtx285 which got 21 the 5870 got 27....that's like 23% better...and for the current price tag, when amd halves the price like they did with the 4870's and 4890's they'll be a good card, but for the love of god!, where's the gt300 at to save the day

i really thought we'd see a 60 frame average at 1680*1050 now, with no aa of course