Japanese Retail Employee: 360 Having Rough Time

Xbox Japan has never had an easy time in The Land of the Rising Sun. Last year, with titles like Tales of Vesperia, the company saw some bright spots. This year has been somewhat grim.

Even with the recent Xbox 360 price, Microsoft only moved a little over 4,000 consoles in the most recent sales tally.

According to a Japanese game shop employee, the individual thought that Microsoft had some big titles to show at this year's Tokyo Game Show. "But all in all, there was nothing," the retail blogger writes. Sure, there is Forza 3, but that game has already been announced.

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WildArmed3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

OMG! Im so surprized =/ Its been established that MS's market is more towards the west.

Kinda getting redundant with these articles lol

ThanatosDMC3597d ago

I actually thought that if they release a Monster Hunter game on the 360 they'd sell like pancakes... but apparently not. The MH3 on Wii crapped out compared to the PSP games.

erathaol3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Kotaku keeping up with the inner workings of Japan, they really know how to find the voice of the industry, from the big guy to the little guy.

Chubear3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

This is the most definitive gaming console this gen with remarkable reliability and top notch quality. Any fool could see that. Your loss JPN, your loss.

Knghtz3596d ago

Your sarcasm is so awkward it's almost uncomfortable.

At least you're trying though!

On topic: not really news. Everyone and their mother knows that despite a hard push there, Nintendo and Playstation are well on top in the land of the rising sun.

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Tony P3597d ago

I feel like since 360 is doing so much better everywhere else, they've gradually lost the motivation to try harder in Japan.

WildArmed3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

I dont think they lost motivation per se.
I mean getting all those JRPGs out wasnt really for the west.
Its just that Japan has too big of a loyalty to its home consoles; Wii n ps3 =/

Or maybe Jap's just like realible hardware o_O

Tony P3597d ago

But where are those JRPG deals now though? I haven't heard of anything new. The only new exclusive JRPG (KRPG) I can recall is Magna Carta 2 and maybe something from Mistwalker. Everything else is multiplat or PS3 exclusive.

Granted you don't improve with JRPGs alone, but do they have anything with which to tantalize the Japanese gamer these days?

silvacrest3597d ago

maybe they gave up because they realized that the JRPG push in japan was not working for them

just cut your losses and focus on your strengths

Knghtz3596d ago

Couldn't agree more Silva.

The 360 excels when it comes to online gaming and is doing great in the states. Maybe now they will capitalize on this success by enhancing that experience. The efforts they've went to to try and emulate Sony and Nintendo's strengths have thus far failed.

Microsoft: Quit trying to be another company and do what you've been doing, it seems to be doing pretty well (PS. Also try and make your hardware a little more reliable next time around :P)

Nathan Drake23596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

tony p
i think that x360 is in last place in europe too.

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Chubear3597d ago

The Beta-box-please-fix-me: Gimp in, Pay beyond.

Gameland3597d ago

hope the x360 has better sales in japan because competition is always good and brings innovation.

Doc Sony3597d ago

Die a thousand deaths 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.