Low-Cost DVD Manufacturer Funai Confirms Blu-ray Support

Low cost electronics manufacturer Funai (who make components for such low costs brands as Sylvania, Emerson, and Magnavox), has revealed in their latest financial report that they plan to launch a Blu-ray player. With 52% of the DVD player/recorder market in the US, it is very likely that a low cost Blu-ray player would be widely adopted, similar to the success Funai continues to have in the DVD market.

No specific player has been announced, nor any time frame, or manufacturer partnerships, but the inclusion of the bullet in their annual financial report alerts stockholders of their intention to move into the Blu-ray market. As a favorite manufacturer of Walmart (who awarded them a Billion Dollar Supplier Prize in 2006), these low cost players would most likely see wide distribution through the retail giant.

Hopefully, additional information about Funai's plans will be revealed soon.

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Ayo the movie4764d ago

But seriously, this is another sign of Blu-ray overtaking HD-DVD as the next-gen format.

gta_cb4764d ago

i just hope its a sign of a PS3 price cut.

Bathyj4764d ago

What was it, everyone saying the first player under $200 would win?

Poor HDDVD, we hardly knew yee.

ITR4764d ago

I did.

The site doesn't even list a price.

Lowcost could mean $300-400 bucks for a Blu Ray.
Panasonic is the cheapest at $600.
Maybe $199 if it carried the Emerson name but not with the other two.

Toshiba is selling it's player this week with 5 HD-DVD's for $299.
From what I understand Toshiba will keep around this price..when it's next gen HD-DVD player hits..if not lower.

A cheapo brand HD-DVD player would easily hit $199 or below if Toshiba is doing it for only $100 bucks or so more.

hfaze4764d ago

"Toshiba is selling it's player this week with 5 HD-DVD's for $299."

And taking a hefty loss on each unit sold...

Last year when they were selling the HD-A1 player for $499.99, they were taking a $200-$400 loss per unit on those players...

I can't imagine that costs have dipped low enough for Toshiba to NOT be taking a beating on those $299.99 HD-DVD players, especially when throwing in five movies at that price.

With HD-DVD taking a beating on software sales, and Toshiba taking a loss on each player sold, it makes you wonder how much longer they will keep up this charade...

ITR4764d ago


Our Toshiba rep told us they are making money off the $299 units.

I'm sure they lost money in the first yr. Most everyone did.

Costs always go down over time.

bootsielon4764d ago

Is not cheap. Cheap for a blu-ray player? Sure, right now. By holiday season, that'll be the standard for a Blu-ray player. So, if Funai gets into the business, I don't think it's too crazy to think they might reach the 200 number.

An by the way, a Toshiba Rep said they're making money on the 299? lol, what kind of Toshiba rep? Besides, THEY would say that. Why would they make it official? They're videoplayers, not game consoles, so that should never happen.

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BIadestarX4764d ago

My question is if this is a good thing for blu-ray manufacturers. I honesly don't know. But if Magnavox fills the street with low priced blu-ray player, how will companies like Sony, Sansung and others will be able to compete against that? Obviously this is great for the consumer. As of today, rarely anyone buys a high end DVD player when they can pay $50 for a Magnavox dvd player. They saturated the dvd player market. This will help the format war alright... I guess Sony is ok anyways since they can make the money of royalties.

kspraydad4764d ago

The article does NOT give a source. I went to FUNAI's website and reviewed its last 2 reports and there is NO mention of Blu-ray....

What is the SOURCE of this info?

Premonition4764d ago

Maybe it was at a press conference or something? so maybe they might say it on their site later or something.

ITR4764d ago

I found this off engadgetHD:

"Takanaka wouldn't disclose Funai's target price for the player but a report in Friday morning's Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun industrial daily said it will cost around US$500, or about ¥60,000."

If $500 is right then it's only $100 bucks or so cheaper then the $600 Panasonic that just came out.