RPS: Borderlands Co-Op Hands-On

Playing the single-player version of Borderlands causes one single game feature to stand out. When you are reduced to zero health you have some time in which you bleed to death. This gives you a chance to revive yourself with a "second wind" by getting a kill. In the co-op part of the game this makes perfect sense, as it's also an opportunity for your buddies to run over to you and help you up.

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Syko3597d ago

"Groovy: The latter, except it’s not that simple. The baddies in low level areas will still be low level. The baddies in high level areas will still be high ones.

(e.g. The first dogs you meet are lvl 1 playing normally. Playing with Jim’s level 17, they were only lvl 4).

In other words, while the cutting edge stuff will probably be out of bounds to begin with, you can go to a mid-level area and kick ass there together."

This is good to know, and the first solid talk about how this works.